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Available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

The product serial number can be found on the bottom of the product base, on the handset (under the back cover), and on the external sleeve of the original packaging.

Wipe the base and the handset with a damp cloth (do not use solvents or detergents), or an antistatic cloth. Never use a dry cloth: this could cause static electricity.

Upon contact with liquids:

  1. Switch off the handset and remove the batteries immediately.
  2. Allow the liquid to drain from the handset.
  3. Pat all parts dry, then place the handset with the battery compartment open and the keypad facing down in a dry, warm place for at least 72 hours (not in a microwave, conventional oven or other electrical device).
  4. Wait until the phone is completely dry before switching it on again. Hopefully it will be undamaged, but this may or may not be the case.
  5. Liquids entering the product may cause oxidation damage. Liquid damage is not covered by warranty.

No. However, an extra DP01 Main Unit – in a colour of your choice – may also be used as an additional unit and paired with another main unit.

Yes. However, an additional DP01 Main Unit – in a colour of your choice – may also be used as an additional unit and paired with another main unit.

Yes, but it requires activation of the CLI service (Calling Line Identification) on your phone line by your local telephone operator.

Please follow the instructions of both the DP01 (page 21) manual and your DECT base manual.

Note: the DP01 complies with the DECT standard and its GAP profile for inter-compatibility (profile not supported by the US version). Please note that GAP only supports limited functions, i.e. establishing, maintaining and terminating calls. Some DECT base stations have proprietary features, such as power-save, and may affect the registration process or the usage with DP01 handset. Please refer to the instructions of your DECT device and set the device accordingly.

Connect the phone line to the analogue phone-line port on the router.

Follow the DP01 instructions for "Reset to default". Note: Flash time and Dial mode will automatically reset to default settings, requiring you to re-adjust these settings accordingly.

100 contacts, with up to 3 numbers each.

250mW at peak for EU/NL/UK versions and 100mW at peak for US version, compliant with DECT standards.

English (European), English (USA), German, Italian, French, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Dutch.

The DP01 base station is wall-mountable. Follow instructions in the User Guide, that you can download here

The DP01 has a visual answering machine which sorts recorded messages by date and time. The storage capacity for recorded voice messages is approximately 15 minutes. The messages are stored in the DP01 base and are accessible from any other paired DP01 handset.

Up to 100 hours in standby mode and up to 10 hours talk-time.

Note: Battery charging time and capacity depend on phone usage and will reduce over time.

Charge the handset batteries for 16 hours before you use the phone, without making or receiving calls. Subsequent charging time for the batteries is approximately 8 hours.

Use 2 x “AAA” Ni-MH rechargeable batteries for the handset unit. Ensure that batteries are correctly inserted. Incorrect insertion may damage the product.

Up to 40 m indoors, up to 200 m outdoors. Range and reception of the DP01 may vary in different environments. To ensure best handset performance, avoid interference by placing the base unit away from large metal objects and electronic products. DECT performance levels are supplied for reference only and are not guaranteed.

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