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'Best feature phone 2024' CBS News
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'Best feature phone 2024'
CBS News
The phone offers a minimalist design, a streamlined menu system, plus security and privacy tools.
This Father’s Day;
Enjoy some time to reflect on what makes a gentleman in this time of high pressure and myriad things competing for attention. The MP02 helps give back that attention to those that matter the most, when it matters the most.
Not just a phone
The MP02 is a chance to rebalance your relationship with tech, or to help your loved ones do the same. With its minimalist design, it helps you stay focused by reducing distractions. Ideal for those who value their time and attention, and seek a balanced tech life.
This phone helped me curb my screen addiction
This phone helped me curb my screen addiction
“Whenever I leave my iPhone behind and lug my sky-blue MP02 with me, I feel less tethered to the online world and more able to observe and admire my surroundings."
New York Magazine
MP02 in the media
‘The original disrupter of the smartphone market’
‘I fantasize about all I could get done if I wasn’t head down staring at my iPhone for so many hours every day’
‘Punkt MP02 – A Digital Minimalists Dream!’
Lose nothing, gain everything
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