The Punkt. MP02.
It's happening.

Going on holiday soon?

Disconnect-reconnect with efficiency: an MP01 plus a UC01 charger.
Disconnect-reconnect with style: an MP 01 plus a luxury fitted leather case

Both with a 20% discount.

Distracted? Focus
Sometimes it’s good to take a break
MP O1 Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone

DP 01 Cordless Phone
Cordless Phone

AC 01 Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock
Smartphone addiction: users tell their stories
The Punkt. Library
The Punkt. Library

The Punkt. Library is a selection of books that we have read and think are particularly interesting and relevant in this age of potential technical overload.
They’re all real books, with pages, cover and a spine: plenty of studies have shown that reading non-electronic texts is a much more effective way of accessing content.

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