The MC02

A world first smarter phone,
that really puts you in

Designed and developed in Switzerland

‘Best software at CES 2024’ Wired
‘Best of MWC 2024’ Android Authority

punkt mc02 5g secure phone black

A product that works for you, rather than you being the product.

Being more mindful of what we do on a mobile phone, and how we do it, is now a choice.

Enjoy a more intentional mobile experience with the Punkt. MC02, without compromise to you, or the things you wish to do.

hands holding Punkt MC02 smartphone with screen on Punkt website

It’s common knowledge that we all, no matter who we are, have our personal data tracked, targeted, collected, profiled, assessed and analysed across our digital footprints, or the profit and power of a small number of tech companies. Not just via individual brand platforms and apps, but throughout every place that you interact with on the internet, all of the time. If you agree with this data collection and privacy policy, totally fine, it’s your choice. If you’re not so comfortable with it, the MC02 smart phone is here to provide a new choice. A new way to be more intentional, and more in control, with your digital privacy and mobile use.

hands holding Punkt MC02 smartphone with domus screen and all the applications of apostrophy services
hands holding Punkt MC02 smartphone with Punkt. logo

A break from the opaque;

An open approach to mobile tech.

The Punkt. smartphone comes with complete transparency.

From the hardware design and manufacture, to the user interface and experience, we take a sincere approach to personal tech. No hidden agendas.

We don’t believe in keeping dark secrets, and this is reflected in what we do. Rather than promoting mystery and seclusion, the MC02 allows the protection of what is considered a basic human right: Data protection and privacy – A liberty that is actually shrouded in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, yet is often disregarded.

We do not sell your data, we help you protect it.

The MC02 has a subscription* model, much like you would pay for entertainment streaming for instance, or for cloud data storage. Knowing exactly what you are paying for, rather than you being the product through the monetisation of your data.

*The first 12 months services subscription is included in the MC02 purchase price from new. Thereafter there is a monthly tariff **CHF14.99.
**The amounts of CHF14.99/mo may vary in your currency at the time of your renewal due to currency exchange rate fluctuations.

Your data, your choice,
your experience.

Allowing you to set boundaries with the endless surveillance commerce utilising your private data.

The MC02 secure phone gives peace of mind by providing an entirely safe, secure and smarter way of using a mobile device that is away from the prying digital eyes looking to gain from your personal information.

Punkt MC02 smartphone with Apostrophy logo

While we have to consent to the use of our data when agreeing to use a smartphone, are we actually aware or in control of what that consent constitutes? If you are looking to regain that control and true consent of your digital and mobile use, the MC02 can help by cutting the strings that can manipulate our every move and allow you to manage your own personal data.

The MC02’s innovative software works to give you a user experience like no other mobile device: All of the things you may be used to doing on a smartphone, but with a level of protection that allows a safer and more liberated enjoyment of using a mobile.

Punkt MC02 smartphone with domus screen and all the applications of apostrophy services

Your digital sanctuary.

No interruptions.

The MC02 has a home space that is entirely secure from external noise and influence. Your digital space, that you own and control. With a suite of on-device essential tools and services to seamlessly and efficiently run your life activities like no other mobile experience, safe in the knowledge that your data sovereignty is secure.

The MC02 home space features a suite of digital tools that are completely secure – the essentials that you would like to keep free of any advertising based data infiltration: Secure Email, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Storage and VPN.

An ecosystem of safe and secure communications with data sovereignty at its core to provide a mobile experience that is only available on the MC02, with all data stored under Swiss jurisdiction that protects the privacy and the fundamental rights of a person’s data.

Protection. By Punkt.

When it’s time to go outside of your safe space, you can still do all of things you’d usually enjoy doing on device, yet with an added layer of protection: No apps or websites can access the personal data in your home space for advertising related surveillance commerce and data capture. What’s more, the MC02 cell phone continues to protect your data from monetisation even when using third party apps.

hands holding Punkt MC02 smartphone with pizza and all applications on the screen

Powered by new software from Apostophy, the MC02 allows the use of any apps you may wish to utilise in your daily life. But the added layer of protection on device, means that your data remains on device.

Leaving you safe in the knowledge that you are not being monetised with advertising based data collection. Privacy with no compromise.

Punkt MC02 smartphone with digital nomad vpn application open on the screen

Digital nomad.

The MC02 comes with a built-in VPN (Virtual Private Network) that allows you to protect your internet connectivity and privacy from wherever you are. Allowing you safe browsing even on public wifi hotspots away from digital attackers and data theft, keeping your information safe and private. Digital Nomad also ensures your search history isn’t available to be sold for profit via the internet provider.

Knowledge leads to action.

Seen for the first time on a mobile phone, the MC02 allows you to take significant steps with a more ethical and informed approach to your tech use via its Data & Carbon Ledger. A real time view of not only the safety risk level of individual apps, but also your environmental imprint of app use on device. With the ability to control your exposure and impact, you are more informed with your choices. If you know, you know.

hands holding Punkt MC02 smartphone  with data & carbon ledger application open on the screen

‘Meet the MC02, Punkt.’s first proper 5G smartphone that’s designed with data-security and privacy-protection in mind.’
Yanko Design

Private emails.

No profiling.

No phishing.

No spam.

No ads.

‘Empowering users, not leveraging them, so they control how they live their mobile lives.’

‘Best of MWC 2024 Awards: The Punkt. MC02’
Android Authority

‘Best Software at CES 2024: Apostrophy OS’

‘If keeping your data private is important to you, you may want to consider investing in the privacy-focused Punkt MC02 5G smartphone.’

hands holding Punkt MC02 smartphone  with domus screen

Effortless complexity.

A lot of tech is great isn’t it? And we recognise that our digital lives are layered with complexity, so the MC02 is designed to allow you to interact and maintain all of your digital affairs in a way that works for you and your data privacy.

Alongside the aesthetically designed hardware, its tailored UI and UX allow you to navigate the MC02 in a way that leaves you in full control of your technology, without any compromising of your complex digital matters.

Being intentional matters.

The Punkt. phone helps you choose what you wish to do, without being drawn in to the things you don’t, making for better mental wellbeing, a healthier relationship with your tech, and with others around you.

And by helping cut out a lot of the excess usage on device, it also reduces environmental impact – meaning you can play your part in lowering the damage smartphones and data centres have, on their path to claiming the biggest carbon footprint in the tech industry. That’s a lot of wins.

Punkt MC02 smartphone Back Punkt. logo on table with notebook glasses glass of water

Mobile tech for a new world.

Apostrophy is enabling Punkt. to undo some of the major problems with smartphone ownership from the past, and reimagine device ownership for a healthier future.

Punkt. devices can now be developed to serve a growing audience seeking a more intentional relationship with their personal tech. The partnership with Switzerland based Apostrophy and its digital services enables a completely seamless ecosystem of secure communications aligned with data processing regulations in Switzerland that are built into the country’s constitution and laws to protect the right of privacy. No need for third party applications that allow the compromise of personal data manipulation for corporate gain.

Aligned to Punkt.’s ethical values, Apostrophy enhances human capabilities and protects personal digital sovereignty – rather than creating further outsourcing and distance with the challenges of privacy, security, wellbeing and sustainability.

Punkt MC02 smartphone APK android package kit application view and rear camera view

Practically speaking.

The MC02 5G phone is purposefully focused with its pre-loaded features, allowing you to build the device as you wish. Minimalist design and minimal distractions for a more intentional approach. 

We’re not in a tech spec race with the MC02 5G smartphone, that’s not its purpose. Rather a totally new and better way to live with a mobile phone. However, you’ll also find all of the things you’ll most likely need too, including: A 6.7” full high definition+ screen, 64mp back / 24mp front camera, 6GB memory and long lasting 5,500 mAh battery.

Product Features

  • Distinctively Punkt.

    The body of the phone has a characteristic Punkt. finish for a premium feel, and a full high definition screen.

  • Apostrophy operating system

    The world’s first mobile phone with the new Swiss operating system designed for data sovereignty.

  • Data Privacy

    • All data stored under Swiss jurisdiction
    • GDPR, HIPPA and PCI compliant
  • Digital Security

    • Comes with Apostrophy Services (included for 12 months)
    • An ecosystem of the safest and most secure communication tools
  • Carbon & Data Ledger

    A world first: View and easily control the privacy risk level and environmental imprint for each individual apps.

  • Digital Nomad VPN

    Built-in VPN that allows you to protect your internet connectivity and privacy from wherever you are.

  • Secure tools available

    • E-mail
    • Contacts
    • Calendar
    • Storage 
    • Tasks 
  • Repair service

    Punkt. provides repair services for both the touchscreen and the battery.

  • GMS wizard

    Walk through wizard in case you may want install apps from Google Play store*

    * A valid Google account is necessary.

  • Minimalist interface

    Designed to allow you to interact and maintain all of your digital affairs through simple and intuitive UI/UX.

  • 5G & 4G LTE connection

    5G and 4G Voice communication. Internet access available to secondary devices via WiFi/Bluetooth/USB.

  • User-friendly battery life

    Always have power.

Tech Specs







– IPS display
– Active area 6.67” (154.45 x 69.5mm)
– 20:9 aspect ratio
– 1080 x 2400 resolution
– Refresh Rate: 60Hz
– 394 PPI
– Contrast ratio: 1000
– Up to 400 nits brightness
– HDR Support
– Full 24-bit depth for 16 million colours
– Anti-finger print coating


– Stereo Speakers
– 2 Microphones


MediaTek Dimensity 900, Octa-core




– 128 GB Storage UFS 2.2
– Expandable via MicroSD card in SIM slot 2, up to 2TB in FAT32 format

Operating System

Powered by Apostrophy (Based on AOSP 13)


– Fingerprint Unlock with side key fingerprint sensor
– Pattern, PIN, Password

Rear Camera

– 64 MP with PD AutoFocus
– Digital zoom up to 4X
– 8MP with FixedFocus (wide-angle)
– 2MP with FixedFocus (macro camera)

Front Camera

– 24 MP with Fixed focus dual PD selfie camera

Camera Features

– Wide shot
– Pro Controls
– Macro Focus
– Face Beauty
– Night mode
– Portrait mode
– Editor
– Scene Mode
– Zero shutter delay (ZSD)
– Auto Exposure (AE)
– Auto Focus (AF) lock
– ISO Sensitivity tuning
– White balance tuning
– Picture format controls in photo and video (jpeg/heif/h264/HEVC)
– Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) toggle
– Video Stabilisation (in edit)
– Anti-flicker controls


Front camera
– 1080p video recording
– Digital zoom up to 4x
– Video formats: HEVC (H.265), AVC (H.264)
– Electronic image Stabilisation (EIS)
– Anti-flicker
– White balance
– Scene mode
– Editing
– Audio
– Audio Erase

Rear camera
– 4K video recording at 30 FPS
– 1080p video recording at 60 FPS
– Slow Motion support


– Light & proximity sensor
– Accelerometer
– Fingerprint sensor
– Magnetometer
– Gyrometer
– Barometer sensor

Keys & Ports

– USB Type-C® 2.0. OTG
– Headphone Jack, 3.5mm/CTIA
– Power/Fingerprint key
– Volume +/- control
– Customisable key


Dual nano-SIM
Hybrid SIM tray:
– 1 SIM card Slot
– 1 hybrid slot: SIM card or a MicroSD card


GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

WCDMA: B1/2/4/5/8

LTE-FDD: B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/17/20/25/26/28/30/66/71
LTE-TDD: B38/41/42/48

5G sub-6 (NR): n1/2/3/5/7/8/12/20/25/28/41/48/66/71/77/78/79


– Anti-fingerprint coating
– Black Splatter Paint finish
– Black Anodised Keys

Connectivity and Location

– Wi-Fi 6 (802.11(a/b/g/n/ac/ax) with 2.4GHz + 5GHz, 2X2 MIMO
– Bluetooth® v5.2 + LE,
– GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, Galileo,


– Expected 24+ hours with average usage.
– Typical 5,500 mAh (minimum 5,410 mAh)
– Fast charging – up to 50% charge in about 40 minutes – using 18W charger with USB PD
– Supports Wireless charging, 18W


Apostrophy OS currently supports the following languages:
– English
– French
– Italian
– German
– Spanish
(Further languages are available on device, but are not specific to Apostrophy OS)

Minimum period of Security updates

up to 5th April 2028

In the box

– MC02 handset
– 70CM USB-C® to USB-C® cable (USB 2.0)
– Quick start guide
– SIM tool


Designed in Europe, manufactured in China

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