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Information technology security

Please be aware of the danger arising from viruses or other malicious software (malware) or hacking attacks, phishing and the like. We recommend that you use anti-virus software, anti-spam filters, a firewall and other methods to protect your system and that you take care to keep them up to date. We are excluded from any responsibility for any manipulation made to your computer system by unauthorized persons in relation to access to our website.   Phishing refers to malicious attempts to access confidential data, and it may come in various ways, including email, telephone, SMS text message or fax. Any request to disclose payment card data (e.g. card number, expiry date) or any other sensitive information should be seen as a possible phishing attempt. These requests can often appear extremely realistic. If there are any grounds for doubt, do not respond, do not not click on any link within an email, and do not open any attachments that may be included. Suspicious emails or SMS text messages should be deleted immediately, and excluded/removed from any backups. If you are in doubt about the genuineness of a request for sensitive information, contact us by telephone for confirmation on +41 91 924 9003.

Data transmission security

Please note that data transmitted via an open network such as the Internet or an email service is visible to anyone. We cannot guarantee the confidentiality of messages or documents that are transmitted by these means. Any time that you communicate personal information through an open network, you should be aware that third parties can potentially access this information and use it without your consent. Third parties can therefore detect debit/credit card activity or other business relationships.   Even if the sender and the recipient are located in the same country, the transmission of data via electronic networks will inevitably have security vulnerabilities; also, the transmission may be via other countries, including countries that do not offer the same level of data protection as Switzerland. Your data may be lost, or stolen by unauthorised third parties, during transmission. We will not be liable for the security of your data during electronic transmission and we decline any responsibility for direct or indirect damage. Please use other means of communication if you consider it necessary or reasonable for security reasons.    

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Submission of designs and materials to Punkt.

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