Elegant technology for the 21st century

Punkt products are designed to do specific jobs, and then get out of the way. Their low-key elegance also contributes to that lack of intrusiveness: tools for sophisticated simplicity.

4G Mobile Phone

MP02 mobile phone

4G Wi-Fi hotspot for use with a second device, and a handful of other useful features.
From 314.10 USD to 349.00 USD
MP02 Leather Case

MP02 LCASE leather case

Protection and style, crafted in Italy.
99.00 USD
Mobile Phone

MP01 mobile phone

Classic minimalism, spectacular design.
169.00 USD
229.00 USD
MP01 Leather Case

MP01 LCASE leather case

Protection and style, crafted in Italy.
89.00 USD
Punkt. Extension Cable ES01

ES01 extension cable

Why should electricity be ugly? The ES01 keeps all those mains plugs and adapters under cover, so that it can be placed where it’s convenient – instead of being hidden away somewhere awkward.
49.00 USD
USB Desktop Charger

UC01 USB charger

Ultra-fast, solidly-built and very convenient to use.
49.00 USD
Punkt. alarm clock AC01

AC01 alarm clock

We all know we shouldn’t be waking up to a smartphone. Here’s how to start the day in style.
165.00 USD
The Punkt. DP01 dect-phone

DP01 landline phone

Excellent audio, mains-powered, very stylish. For focussed conversations. Extension unit also available, if you know someone who’s already got a DP01.
119.00 USD
Punkt. bundle option MP01+Totebag

MP01 + Get Lost tote bag and SIGG water bottle

The Punkt. mobile phone and tote bag plus a classic Swiss-made Sigg water bottle.


179.00 USD
217.00 USD
Punkt. bundle option MP01+UC01 white

MP01 + UC01

One classic MP01 mobile phone plus one UC01 three-port fast charger.

*Not available in the USA

179.00 USD
218.00 USD
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