Mobile Phone

Distracted? Focus.

MP01 Mobile Phone

Say it with words. Focus on what matters most and leave the rest. The MP 01 is a simple mobile phone for smart communicators.

USB Desktop Charger

Caught out? Plug in

UC01 USB Desktop Charger

A clear desk is a clear mind. Efficient multiport charging streamlines your devices. The UC 01 is a USB charger for three-in-one power on the spot.

Extension Socket

Untidy? Declutter

ES01 Extension Socket

Live a clutter-free life. Stashing away your cables just creates an inaccessible tangle. The ES 01 tucks them out of sight, but within reach.

Alarm Clock

Tired? Sleep.

AC01 Alarm Clock

Your bedroom is a place to rest. The AC 01 is an alarm clock that tells the time and wakes you up. Your phone can stay out of it. Relax and sleep soundly.

Cordless Phone

Something to say? Call.

DP01 Cordless Phone

Take the time to concentrate on your phone calls. To listen to what's being said. The DP 01 is designed for good conversations.

MP 01 Leather Case

Finished? Put it away.

LCASE MP 01 Leather Case

Handmade in Italy the MP 01 mobile phone leather case is designed to fit the MP 01’s distinctive shape.

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