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DP01 Cordless Phone

The more our phones do, the less we get done. The Punkt. DP 01 delivers the ultimate simplicity of a modern DECT analog phone that does just what a phone is supposed to do: make calls. No frills, no confusing array of "advanced" functions: the DP 01 is about straightforward communication, in a superbly designed object that will complement any setting.

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Compact Design

DECT phone with integrated answering machine in a very sleek design.

Big keys, large on-screen fonts

Clearly readable thanks to its big keys and the large fonts displayed on the screen.

Stable handset

The handset lays stable on flat surfaces, for convenient hands-free conversations.

Up to 6 phones, only one phone socket

The DP 01S Additional Unit* is a versatile solution, giving you up to 5 additional telephones without additional phone sockets.

* An additional DP 01 main unit may also be used as Additional Unit and paired with another main unit.



Visual answering machine

Easily check for new messages using the visual interface by date; this enables you to select directly the messages you are interested in without having to listen to the whole recorded time sequence.

100 Contacts

Memorize up to 100 entries in the contact list with 3 different numbers for each entry.

High quality audio

Enjoy all your conversations in crystal clear audio quality.

Horizontal and vertical positioning

The clever design of the DP 01 lets you decide the best way to position it in your home: placed horizontally on a flat surface or vertically wall mounted.

Hands-free function

The handset is specifically designed to be stable on a flat surface, so you can enjoy convenient hands-free communication while you are busy with an activity.

Ringtones composed by Scanner

A non-intrusive and particularly crisp set of sounds characterizes the DP 01 as a phone that softly integrates itself in any type of environment.

Active            Contact            Vive
Airwaves   Mirror   Wired
Chitter   Motion      
Connect   Relay      
box dp01
Need more than one phone?* The DP 01S additional unit** is the perfect partner for the DP 01, providing your home with a set of phones located in different rooms. Different handsets can be used in Intercom too.

* A DP 01 main unit may also be used as additional unit and paired with another main unit.
** Available in black only.

Jasper Morrison


“I thought about the old telephone, lying face down on its cradle, and asked myself if it wouldn't be better the other way round, so you could see the screen and dial the number without picking it up.”

Firma Jasper Morrison
Jasper Morrison

Technical Specifications

DP 01 main unit/DP 01S additional unit1


white dp01
black dp01
red dp01

Size and weight

vertical dp01Handset:
Height: 155 mm
Width: 48 mm
Depth: 20 mm
Weight (with batteries): 145 grams
Weight (without batteries): 125 grams

base dp01Base:
Height: 155 mm
Width: 48 mm
Depth: 50 mm (maximum)
Weight: 175 grams (including connector)


  • DECT standard. DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) is a flexible digital radio access standard for cordless communications that makes use of several advanced digital radio techniques to achieve efficient use of the radio spectrum. It delivers high speech quality and security with low risk of radio interference and low power technology.
  • Caller ID supported. Needs the CLI service (Calling Line Identification) to be enabled on your phone line by your telephone operator.
  • Intercom function
  • Call history3

Answering machine3

  • Visual answering machine with message registration sorted by date and time
  • Total storage capacity for recorded voice messages: 15 minutes (max. 1 minute for each message)

Contact list3

  • Up to 100 contacts with 3 numbers for each entry


  • Language support for English (UK), French (France), German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish and Norwegian.


display dp011.6” horizontal, 128 X 64 dots, PWM back lit with black font on white background.

Maximum transmission range4

  • 40 m indoor
  • 200 m outdoor

DECT-GAP Compliance

  • Please note that the DP 01 is designed for analog telephony, however It is also possible to connect it to a PSTN (analog) port of a ISDN line.
  • Possibility of connecting up to 5 Punkt. additional units to the Punkt. base unit (Punkt. handsets or other manufacturers' handsets if compliant with the DECT-GAP standard).
  • Possibility of connecting each Punkt. handset to up to 4 different DECT-GAP base units.

If another manufacturer's products are used, only the ability to make and receive phone calls is guaranteed according to the DECT-GAP standard. Proprietary features (for example TAM service or CLI visualization) may not be available if other manufacturers' products are used with Punkt. products.

Power and battery

  • 2x AAA Ni-MH (650-700mAh rechargeable, removable) for the handset
  • Charging via base
  • Talk time: up to 10 hours
  • Standby time: up to 100 hours

Environmental requirements

  • Nominal working temperature: (15° to 35° C)
  • Extreme working temperature: (0° to 40° C)
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 75%

Country compatibility versions

  • EU: Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Portugal
  • NL: Belgium, Netherland, Luxembourg
  • US: United States
  • UK: United Kingdom, Ireland

In the box

  • Handset
  • Base
  • Power supply (180+180cm)
  • 2 Ni-MH AAA rechargeable batteries
  • RJ11 cable (180+200cm)
  • Quick installation guide
box dp01

1 DP 01S works with 100% functionality (e.g. TAM service) only if paired with a DP 01 main unit
2 DP 01 only
3 Data is stored in DP 01 main unit base
4 Transmission range can vary according to the position of the base, construction materials used in the area, electromagnetic pollution, interference with other radio devices, etc. DECT performance levels are given as a reference only and are not guaranteed.

Punkt. guarantees its product for a period of two years from the date of purchase. The guarantee only applies to defects attributable to the production process or materials used.
The product covered by the guarantee may be repaired or replaced after being assessed by Punkt.. The service for products covered by the guarantee can only be obtained by presenting proof of purchase (a valid receipt) and the original packaging.

The guarantee does not cover parts subject to normal wear and tear due to daily use of the product, such as batteries (if provided with the product), power cords, various cables, connectors or sockets, external parts and plastic parts that do not show obvious signs of manufacturing defects.
The guarantee does not cover accidental damage, misuse, negligence and is null and void if the product has been tampered with by unauthorized persons. For further information, or if other problems arise, please contact the Punkt. dealer closest to you, or get in touch with us using the form on the Punkt. website.

Additional unit

Additional unit

Up to six phones, only one phone socket.

259.00 Fr

Home Pack

Home Pack

1 main unit + 2 additional units

730.00 Fr

Office Pack

Office Pack

1 main unit + 4 additional units

1,160.00 Fr



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