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Punkt. Challenges

Punkt. is a relatively small, dynamic and independent company, and we like to maintain close connections with our customers and also with individuals and organisations within the design world. As part of this, we regularly run ‘Punkt. Challenges’. These include design challenges that form part of postgraduate design courses, and digital detox challenges where people can test their ability to live without their smartphone, even for just a short period of time.

Our Digital Detox Challenges have been running since summer 2016. Smartphone addiction wasn’t much discussed at that point, but there has since been a surge of interest in the subject. Participant reports are a key element of the Detox Challenges; by running the Challenges and publishing these reports we aim to keep the discussion of people’s relationship with technology prominent and on-going – both in terms of tech addiction and the importance of quality design in the real, non-virtual world.

Digital Detox Winter 2018

Ten years ago, smartphones were still very unusual. Now, a life lived outside the framework of the smartphone is very unusual. Ten years ago, most people had mobile phones, but they would generally only attract our attention if another human being had decided to call us or send us a text. Now that most people’s lives are so much more automated: the new normal is to scurry around within a ceaseless onslaught of status updates, push notifications and a whole lot more.

Building on the two Punkt. Digital Detox Challenges in 2016 and 2017, the third Challenge is operating on an on-going basis through 2018. During January we received a large number of requests to take part; applications are currently now closed, but keep an eye out here or on social media for news of when they reopen.

And stand by to read the reports of the current participants!

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