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The Punkt. Digital Detox Challenges

Punkt. is a small, dynamic company dedicated to maintaining close connections with customers and the design world. One way we do this is through our 'Punkt. Challenges,' including postgraduate design competitions and detox challenges. These challenges encourage participants to rethink their relationship with technology, emphasising the importance of data protection and privacy.

A decade or so ago, smartphones were rare, and mobile phones mainly served for calls and texts. Today, we are constantly bombarded with notifications and updates, making life outside smartphone use unusual. Since 2016, our Digital Detox Challenges have addressed the growing concern of smartphone addiction, promoting discussions on tech dependence, digital privacy, and the value of high-quality design in the real world.

By participating in our challenges, you can explore the benefits of disconnecting, learn how to get off your phone, and foster meaningful interactions. Punkt. is committed to helping people understand digital addiction and discover how to stop phone addiction while safeguarding personal data and ensuring digital privacy in a digitally saturated world.

"This is one smart dumbphone. The underlying premise is actually true: it eliminates distractions and increases focus. More importantly, though, this machine promotes human interaction. Not just telephone conversations, but real human-to-human contact."

Rene Chun, WIRED

Punkt. - MP01 Modern Dumb Phone

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