Finding Stillness home‑working video competition

There’s lots being written at the moment about how to avoid ennui at home, especially in connection with remote working; the suggestions being made mostly revolve around increasing stimulation. We’d like to also suggest the opposite: the embracing of stillness, the acceptance of moments when there’s nothing happening, as a way of boosting productivity and creativity.

With the home-working video competition, we’re inviting people to send us their recordings of stillness. Send us a well-considered video that depicts almost nothing but contains almost everything, together with an accompanying text, and you could win one of three Punkt. Home Office Packs, with three UC01 USB Desktop Chargers* for the runners-up; ALL submissions will earn a 5% discount voucher for the Punkt. e-shop. Selected videos will be published on our website, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

To get the ball rolling, we’ve commissioned six home-working videos where each film-maker presents the view from his/her home – with pretty much nothing going on. Watching them (turn the sound up loud) is a little like looking at one of those pictures containing hidden images that one can only see when one stops looking…

But of course, the idea isn’t to spend one’s days looking at pixels. Even if COVID‑19 is vanquished, working from home is going to continue to be much more common than it was before. Hopefully this project can help develop a source of inspiration that can be useful in making remote working work.

Finding Stillness home-working video competition – How to take part:

Videos can be made with a dedicated camera or with a camera phone. Sound needs to be ambient audio only (e.g. a dog barking, leaves rustling, birds singing, an ambulance siren, music from someone else’s balcony, footsteps, etc.). Files need to be .mp4 or .mov format, 1920 x 1080 px, landscape, and around three minutes long. Natural light is likely to be more effective, but the choice is yours. Think carefully about composition, colours, etc. Create a masterpiece!

The accompanying text can be up to 500 characters in length (incl. spaces).
Last date for entries: June 1, 2020.

Find out more about the Punkt. Home Office Pack here.

*For regulatory reasons, the ES01 and UC01 are not available in the USA. Alternative prizes: an AC01 Sleep Pack or an AC01 Alarm Clock.

Further reading:
Wikipedia: "Boredom"
The BBC: "Psychology: Why boredom is bad... and good for you"
Bored and Brilliant, by Manoush Zomorodi

History from my window with Punkt.

History from my window

Jonathan Margolis, Financial Times journalist

Charles Dickens used to stay in the building and may have started Nicholas Nickleby right where I’m sitting.
Beautiful imperfections with Punkt.

Beautiful imperfections

Alessandro Albert, portrait photographer

At certain times of day the sunlight shines on the worn and paint peeled walls revealing their imperfections.
Urban soil

Urban soil

John Tree, industrial designer

I planted a few things but maintain it by selectively removing stuff I don't like.
Working from the garden shed

Working from the garden shed

Sam Walton, creative director

I returned to work from my garden shed for lockdown; it was the place I started Hole & Corner in 2013.
Birds and things

Birds and things

Marcia Caines, head of communications at Punkt.

I like to look out. Just looking up and out beyond the screen broadens my vision and soothes my eyes.
The tree of life

The tree of life

Philip Syse, tech support at Punkt.

Before lockdown I barely noticed the huge tree outside my window. I now drink coffee and watch the life that rotates within and around it during work breaks.
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