The tree of life

By Philip Syse, tech support at Punkt.

Lugano, Switzerland

I was born in Norway. French, political science, and literature studies from UK, France and Norway. Avid concert-goer and photographer, interested in sub-cultures, technology and art. Currently in Lugano where I do technical support for Punkt.

Before lockdown I was rarely home, so I barely noticed the huge tree outside my window. I now drink coffee and watch the life that rotates within and around it during work breaks. I recognize the two old ladies that meet up there at 1 pm, the man that walks his five small dogs at 8.30 am and again at 2 pm, the kids that emerge at 3 pm to stretch their legs and holler. At 6 pm a group of elderly men gather there at a metre’s distance to chat. My favourites are the birds – I don’t listen to music anymore – their songs connect me to the world.

Instagram: @philip.syse
Twitter: @philipsyse

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