Birds and things

By Marcia Caines, head of communications at Punkt.

Turin, Italy

Head of communications at Punkt. And that's pretty much all I do these days. In my free time I like dancing and playing the guitar.

My desk is deliberately facing the window of my studio. I like to look out. Just looking up and out beyond the screen broadens my vision and soothes my eyes. Before lockdown I stockpiled some wild birdseed, and since then, I have seen blue tits, great tits and coal tits in abundance, I’ve spotted a robin and a wren, and more recently I get prized visits from a woodpecker. I can identify their songs and know their visiting hours. I have given them, and the pesky grey squirrel, names. The window is still the same, only now it has a world to offer.

Twitter: @MCaines
Video credits: @nicolo_taglia

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