History from my window

By Jonathan Margolis, Financial Times journalist

Brentford, West London, UK

Short biog:
I’m a technology journalist for the Financial Times, British Airways Business Life, Saga magazine and Airmail.news. I also write on futurology.

This is the view from my desk in my 17th century loft apartment on the north bank of the River Thames, right opposite Kew Gardens. Charles Dickens used to stay in the building and may have started Nicholas Nickleby right where I’m sitting. The stainless steel monument on the riverside marks where Julius Caesar led two legions across the Thames in 53 BC to do battle with a British tribe where my local supermarket now stands. Across the river behind the big tree to the left of the picture stands Kew Palace – you can see it in winter – where King George III went mad, as dramatised in The Madness of King George.

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