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ES01 Extension Socket

The more cables we have, the more we try to push them out of sight. Punkt.’s ES 01 is a long-awaited solution to the cable clutter that plagues modern lifestyles and makes a mess of interiors. All of your cables and plugs converge neatly in the ES 01 extension socket, tucked away under its sleek rounded lid. No hiding power stations under furniture, no crouching down to untangle dusty leads, and no power damage to your devices; just an attractive, sturdy design piece that complements all interiors and keeps your cords in order. The ES 01 has been manufactured in Italy using the finest craftmanship.

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Timeless, clean design

There’s no need to hide the good-looking ES 01, so stow your power supplies in a clean design feature and keep them within reach.

Clever cable management

The ES 01 cleverly responds to all of your cable management needs by giving you a flexible socket layout, a removable lid, and a C-clip to group your power leads.

Energy saving made simple

The on/off switch on top of the ES 01 helps reduce energy consumption by shutting off the power supply to all the devices plugged in. A soft white light indicates the status.


5 socket

5 Sockets

Plug up to five devices into the ES 01, creating a functional hub.

Removable lid

The ES 01 hides all the plugs and power cables under its sleek lid. The cleverly designed, robust locking system offers one-touch opening.

Single power switch

The tactile rubber power switch on top of the ES 01 means simultaneous on/off operation of all the devices plugged in. A soft white light indicates the status.

Cleverly positioned sockets

Inside the ES 01 the sockets are positioned to accommodate power supplies that normally cover two or three sockets, enabling you to power plugs and AC adapters of different shapes and sizes: the ES 01 gives you five fully functional sockets.

Overload protection

Forget about replacing burnt fuses! In the event of a power overload the resettable fuse immediately cuts the circuit, automatically protecting your appliance. To start up again simply press the fuse reset button on the base.

C-clip cable guide

The cables coming out of the ES 01 can be neatly grouped using the versatile rubber C-clip provided: cable clutter is tamed not only under the lid but on the outside too.
3 metre fabric

3 metre fabric* power cord

The ES 01’s great-looking fabric power cord is a generous 3 metres in length, ensuring ample cover for different settings.

Surge Protection**

The ES 01 has a built in surge protector to guard your electrical devices from voltage spikes and power surges. A LED light indicator inside the ES 01 shows surge protection is active for extra safety.



*The 3m power cord of the North American version is not fabric, but vinyl, in compliance with US safety regulations.
**Surge Protection is only available on the North American version of the ES 01

Georges Moanack


“I wanted to make crawling under furniture to untangle cables a thing of the past, and the design challenge was to find an attractive and accessible solution to this problem.”

Georges Moanack is a Colombian Industrial Designer based in Barcelona. He graduated from the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá in 2003 and in 2008 he took a masters degree in Product Design at the Royal College of Art, London.

Since graduating in 2003, his projects and product designs have received awards in America and Japan. His winning works are Loop (a handle for transporting bottles) and Blind +. His main clients include Bogatá’s public transportation authority TransMilenio, for which he developed and produced his degree project Trazo.

Moanack is interested in the human aspect of design and how it influences users’ day-to-day lives.

His proposals start out from people’s needs, incorporating aesthetics, functionality and design simplicity with the ultimate aim of enhancing users’ physical and emotional wellbeing.

Georges Moanack Profile [87 KB]

Technical Specifications

ES 01 versions for different countries

The ES 01 is available in a range of versions to comply with the different power supply standards of a wide selection of countries.
Please check on punktgroup.com to see if the ES 01 is available in your country.

Made in Italy

The ES 01 is manufactured and assembled in Italy.



Check ES 01 dimensions
Weight: 930 grams

Appliances connected to ES 01 maximum overall power rating:

  • 2300W-50Hz-230V (Type F/L Italy; Type F Schuko; Type E Frenchplug; Type J Swiss;  Type G UK)
  • 1800W-60Hz-120V (Type B America)


  • Main power switch
  • Overload protection
  • 10 Ampere resettable fuse (Type F Schuko; Type E Frenchplug; Type J Swiss; Type G UK); 15 Ampere resettable fuse (Type B America version)
  • Surge Protection (Type B America version only)

In the box:

  • ES 01 Extension Socket
  • Rubber C-clip
  • Quick installation guide

box es01

Sockets and power cord:

Type F/L Italy : 5x CEE 7/4 - L 10A Sockets, CEE 7/7 plug
Type F Schuko: 5x CEE 7/4 sockets; CEE 7/7 plug
Type E Frenchplug: 5x CEE 7/5 sockets; CEE 7/7 plug
Type J Swiss: 5x SEV 1011 sockets;  SEV 1011 plug
Type G UK: 5x BS 1363 sockets; BS 1363 plug
Power-cord length: 3m (all versions)

Certified compatible countries:

Type F/L Italy: Italy; San Marino; Vatican
Type F Schuko: Andorra; Austria; Bulgaria; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Iceland; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Netherlands; Norway; Portugal; Romania; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Turkey
Type E Frenchplug: Belgium; Czech Republic; France; Monaco; Poland; Slovakia
Type J Swiss: Lichtenstein; Switzerland
Type G UK: Cyprus; Ireland; Malta; United Kingdom

Punkt. guarantees its product for a period of two years from the date of purchase. The guarantee only applies to defects attributable to the production process or materials used.
The product covered by the guarantee may be repaired or replaced after being assessed by Punkt.. The service for products covered by the guarantee can only be obtained by presenting proof of purchase (a valid receipt) and the original packaging.

The guarantee does not cover parts subject to normal wear and tear due to daily use of the product, such as batteries (if provided with the product), power cords, various cables, connectors or sockets, external parts and plastic parts that do not show obvious signs of manufacturing defects.
The guarantee does not cover accidental damage, misuse, negligence and is null and void if the product has been tampered with by unauthorized persons. For further information, or if other problems arise, please contact the Punkt. dealer closest to you, or get in touch with us using the form on the Punkt. website.

Home pack

Home pack

4 units

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Office pack

Office pack

8 units

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