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UC01 USB Desktop Charger

The more toys we have, the more power sockets we need. Punkt.’s Italian-made UC 01 is the optimal solution for mobile device charging.

Managing endless chargers and adaptors is a hassle, and multi-ports often mean longer charging times. The compact and elegant UC 01 reduces clutter and is powerful enough to recharge three iPads at once.

No more fiddling about with different power supplies to connect and disconnect your USB cables. The UC 01 combines ease of use with understated elegance.

UC 01 + The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo
Does anyone you know use USB-powered devices?
UC 01 + The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo
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Neat and elegant

Another Punkt. design classic: the UC 01 keeps your workspace looking classy. And it’s weighted, so it doesn’t wander about.

Powerful and practical

At 2.5A per port (total 7.5A), the UC 01 is the most powerful USB 3-way multi-charger on the market. With the sockets on top, it's carefully designed for easy one-hand operation.

Built to last

The UC 01 is made in Italy, using top-quality materials and components.


Charges devices

Charges up to 3 devices

Power up to 3 devices from one mains socket.


Comes with 2 mains cables (200cm and 50cm)*

The UC 01 lets you choose the length of the mains cable, allowing you to reduce desktop clutter yet further. 


Total 7.5A for high-speed charging

The high power capacity of the UC 01 reduces charging time.
ios e android

Works with most USB-powered devices

For both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 formats. Compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

usb ports

Intelligently-positioned USB ports

Easy-access USB ports placed on top for effortless operation. Weighted, for one-hand operation.


100-240V multi voltage

Automatic multi-voltage capacity for easy travelling: use the UC 01 anywhere that the plug fits.



*Type A – USA and Canada – comes with a non-interchangeable 200cm cable only

Jasper Morrison


“ More and more devices are now powered via USB, yet most computers and laptops only offer one or two ports. Not to mention the classic hotel scenario: even if you find the right electric plug for the USB cable, you can only charge a single device. Punkt.'s new USB multi-­‐port charger provides easy access charging and is designed for one-­‐handed operation.”

Firma Jasper Morrison
Jasper Morrison

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