UC01 USB Desktop Charger

“Punkt's new multiport USB charger provides easy access charging and is designed for one-handed operation.” Dezeen

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Plenty of power, loads of style.

UC01 USB Desktop Charger

“The high power output is very useful if you’re in a hurry. But also, the fact that the UC01 is easy to use, that it helps create a tidy workspace, and is stylish enough to place somewhere prominent and convenient all make it easier for regular recharging to become part of your routine.
The technical specifications are industry-leading, it looks great, but when you hold it in your hand and start using it … that’s when you really understand what it’s about.”

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Petter Neby, founder of Punkt.

Power means speed
The UC01 is the most powerful 3-way USB charger on the market, giving it the capacity to charge three iPads simultaneously.

Utility with elegance
Another Punkt. design classic, adding a touch of unexpected style to your workspace.

Style with substance
Weighted to stop it wandering about, sockets positioned on top for convenience.

Quality, inside and out
Made in Italy, using top-grade materials: a product for the long-term.
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UC 01 colors
MP 01 colors

“The high-power output is very useful if you’re in a hurry. But the fact that the UC01 is both straightforward in use, and stylish enough to place somewhere prominent, makes it easier for regular recharging to become part of your routine.”

Design by Jasper Morrison

High output
High output

Powers up to three devices, up to 2.5 A per port.


Easy-access USB ports located on top. Weighted, for one-hand operation.

2x mains cables
2x mains cables

50 cm and 200 cm interchangeable cables for a tidy workspace. Type A: 200 cm only.


Automatically adjusts to local power supplies – all you need is a mains plug adapter.

Wide compatibility
Wide compatibility

Works with a wide range of USB devices, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Cool power
Cool power

Designed to minimise operating temperature, backed up by a thermal cut-out protection system.

Made in Italy
Made in Italy

Punkt.’s policy is to have its products manufactured in Europe wherever possible: the UC01 is made in the Italian town of Ceggia, situated in the country’s northern industrial heartland.

UC 01
UC 01 black Black
UC 01 brown Brown
UC 01 white White
UC 01 black
180 g
100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
5 V; 2.5 A (max) per port, total 7.5 A
Mains-plug options

Type A
NEMA 1-15 plug with detachable 200 cm mains cable.
North America

Type C
CEE 7/16 Europlug with 50 cm
and 200 cm interchangeable mains cables.
Continental Europe

Type G
BS 1363 plug with 50 cm and
200 cm interchangeable mains cables.
United Kingdom, Commonwealth and associated countries

Manufactured in Italy
Plug Type
Plug Type
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