"Punkt's MP 01 is the ultimate minimalist dumb phone" Boing Boing

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MP01 Mobile Phone

“A mobile phone has something in common with a wristwatch, or a pair of spectacle frames. They're all quite personal items, and we expect to keep them for a long time.
The MP01 is designed and built to be a pleasure to own.”

Petter Neby signature

Petter Neby, founder of Punkt.

Everything you need, nothing you don't
The operating system is refreshingly down-to-earth. No app icons, animations, or special effects vying for your attention. The phone is without the internet, which makes it easy on the eye when you’re using it, and easy to put away when you’ve finished with it.

Something special
The MP01 mobile phone is made in small production runs using top-grade components, and leaves that noughties retro-look behind. It's an object of real beauty and style, both inside and out.

Non-virtual reality
Pixels are great, but isn't there more to life? The MP01 has a reassuring solidity that feels good in the hand.

Goodbye to battery hassle
Charge a smartphone once or twice a day. Charge the MP01 every now and then.

Outstanding sound and build-quality
Crystal-clear audio, Gorilla Glass screen, and a tough, glass-fibre reinforced body treated with the same finishing processes used by manufacturers of professional camera equipment.

Made to keep
The MP01 mobile phone is something that you buy and you keep. It's more than just currently ‘up-to-date’ - it's timeless. The best of class non-smartphones.
Best dumb phone

Minimalist phone
MP 01 colors

“The Punkt. MP01 Mobile Phone integrates unique hardware and software, to create a rare blend of simplicity and sophistication. The focus is on having conversations, short or long – with texting available as an option when required.”

Design by Jasper Morrison

Made for conversations
Made for conversations

The dedicated Contacts button takes you straight in. Press it, find who you’re looking for, and press the Call button. That’s it.

Clean interface
Clean interface

In an era of angry icons, the crisp and elegant text-based monochrome interface is a breath of fresh air.

Simple Navigation
Simple Navigation

Up, down, select. Quick to learn, easy to use.

Notification Centre
Notification Centre

Missed calls and new texts are listed on the Home Screen, ready for you to respond immediately.

Bespoke ringtones
Bespoke ringtones

Selection of original ringtones created by Norwegian sound artist Kjetil Røst Nilsen

Real buttons
Real buttons

Guaranteed 100% non-virtual, they’re surprisingly pleasing. Welcome back to the 3D world.

Tough build
Tough build

Fibre-glass reinforced body with a recessed Gorilla Glass screen.


The MP01 is simple to connect with headsets and car systems.

Other tools
Other tools

An easy-set alarm clock, a reminders feature and a basic calendar for checking dates are also included.

Best basic phone
MP 01 black MP 01 brown MP 01 white  
Black Brown White  
MP 01 Dimensions MP 01 Dimensions
MP 01 Dimensions  
Quad-band GSM (2G)
Phone supplied unlocked; no data package required
back: PC/ABS
front: PC/ABS with glass-fibre reinforcement
88 g
Capacity: 1000 mAh
Talk time: 290 minutes in optimal conditions
Standby time: 500 hours in optimal conditions
Charge time: 2 hours, when using the dedicated charger
Full-colour 2.0 inch TFT LCD;
resolution 320RGB x 240
Gorilla Glass 3 anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint coating
Operating system
Custom-built proprietary OS
Micro-SIM (3FF) – nano-SIM adapter provided
High quality audio with noise cancellation 1W output
Micro USB for charging, phone book syncing and headset
v3.0, HSP and HFP support
Phone-call features
Country-code support, speaker-phone, respond with message, speed dial
SMS features
T9 predictive text input, multi-language support, intuitive symbol picker, template
Contacts features
Filter search, favourite, note field, import/export
Supported languages
Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
Manufactured in China
SAR Value
CE (900 e 1800MHz)
Head: 0.476 W/Kg
Body: 0.495 W/Kg

FCC (850 e 1900MHz)
Head: 0.603 W/Kg
Body: 0.294 W/Kg
In the box
MP01 handset
Quick Guide
USB charger
micro-USB cable
micro-USB single-side earphone
micro-USB to 3.5 mm converter
nano-SIM to micro-SIM adapter
SIM-tray opener pin
Tips and tricks

The MP01 is a different kind of phone and while it’s extremely simple to use, if you’re only used to touch-screens, some adjustment is necessary.

Here are some shortcuts and suggestions to help speed up the process.

MP01 Keypad Shortcuts
Hashtag Key
Hashtag Key

Toggles between input modes in message composer

Star Key
Star Key

Opens symbol selector in message composer

Send Key
Send Key

When on home screen – opens call history.

Send Key
Send Key - long press

Long press when answering a call activates hands-free speaker mode

Message Key
Message Key

Respond to an incoming call with a text message

Message Key - long press
Message Key - long press

Long press on home screen opens message composer

End Key - long press
End Key - long press

When on home screen – long press opens quick access menu

Volume Down - long press
Volume Down - long press

Long press for silent mode

Contacts Key - long press
Contacts Key - long press

Long press when on home screen opens ‘new contact’ option

Numeric Key 1 - long press
Numeric Key 1 - long press

When on home screen – long press calls voicemail

Numeric Key 2-9 - Long press
Numeric Key 2-9 - Long press

When on home screen – long press speed-dials assigned numbers

Getting the most out of the MP01
Use call-forwarding
Use call-forwarding

Activate call-forwarding on your smartphone: take the calls but skip the emails and notifications.

Use twin SIMS
Use twin SIMS

If your telecoms supplier provides this option, ask them to duplicate your existing SIM so you can make and receive calls to your smartphone number when it’s time for Reachability Lite.

Combine with another device
Combine with another device

Use the MP01 in conjunction with a laptop or tablet: the phone lets you text and make calls, and you get a QWERTY keyboard for composing emails.

Drive safely with Bluetooth
Drive safely with Bluetooth

Use the earpiece provided, or your car’s hands-free system.

Leave your job
Leave your job

If you have to reply to emails and check documents outside the office, having two phones – a smartphone and an MP01 – is an ideal way to ensure that, when it’s time to switch off, you really do leave your job behind.

Enjoy some privacy
Enjoy some privacy

With the MP01 you have everything you need for true peace of mind when you’re off-grid.

Download the MP01 Quick Guide here to get started.
Transfer Contacts
Need to transfer contacts to your MP01?
Click here for the FAQ on How to import/sync contacts to your MP01.
Charger Plug
Charger Plug
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