Save your contacts to the SIM card. It is worth doing this regularly, in case there is a problem at some point.

Remove the SIM card, then open the battery cover and push reset button with a paperclip.

Reset switch

To open the battery cover, open from the top using your fingernail or an appropriate lever.

Open battery cover mp01

Pull off the cover from the top to the bottom, holding the side switches to make sure they do not fall off.

cover mp01

To close, attach the edge between the volume key and SIM tray first, then close all other edges and corners.

close battery mp01

No data plan is required for the MP 01, because it doesn’t use any data connection.

You can activate Silent Mode with a long press of VOLUME DOWN KEY. Vibration on/off can be selected by long-pressing the END key.

We identified a gap in the market for just this kind of product. The mobile industry market is saturated with smartphones and it is becoming more and more difficult to find a well-designed alternative to these multi-function devices. As people’s lives become ever more cluttered with complicated technology, the demand for simplicity grows. The MP 01 sets out to satisfy the unmet call for basic functions and excellent usability.

Punkt. invites phone users to rediscover the pleasure of making calls, while switching those sometimes irritating functions off. The MP 01 is an alternative to devices that deliver complicated applications and services. It is a well designed mobile phone with great audio, long battery life and intuitive text messaging, that delivers the essential mobile handset experience without encroaching on the user's day to day life.

The MP 01 is the perfect mobile phone for people who want to make/receive calls when they are out of the office, but not reply to emails. For those who need to use email and check documents outside the office, the MP 01 is also an ideal secondary device (personal phone) alongside a smartphone (work phone). In addition, the MP 01 works well in conjunction with a business tablet, which aids typo-free emailing: an ideal set-up for those seeking temporary respite from the ‘always-on’ lifestyle.

The MP 01 is Punkt.’s first reinterpretation of the mobile phone.

Are there more personal handset devices to come from Punkt. in the future? The answer is certainly yes!

The MP 01 can store a total of 1000 entries (inbox, outbox and sent messages).

No, this is not possible. The MP 01 only supports the core mobile functions of text messaging and calling.

Messages on the MP 01 are presented as individual messages and not in conversation threads as found on smartphones.

The ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ key can be used to move the cursor in text compose mode. Long press will jump to the beginning or end of the message.

Press the “*✱” key to access symbols and then press the numeric key that corresponds with the selected symbol. The “1” key also scrolls through frequently used punctuation symbols in the message composer.

Emoji are not shown on the MP 01. If you receive an emoji from another number it will appear as a letter or possibly a blank, not as a smiley or similar icon.

Check the time zone setting in the Settings menu, under 'Date and time'. Turn on the [Use time zone] and choose the correct setting for your location.

The Punkt. MP 01 is a quad-band GSM mobile phone, supplied unlocked, that can be used almost anywhere in the world. The phone works with a GSM-supported micro-SIM. The phone comes with an adapter for a nano-SIM in its box. There is a SIM card tray located on the right side of the phone. Follow the instructions to insert the micro-SIM and switch the phone on.

If you are frequently swapping a SIM over, we recommend you use a micro-SIM rather than a nano-SIM.


The MP 01 is a simple mobile phone that supports basic calling and text messaging. It has excellent audio quality, both speaker and microphone, and can be used with a headset. Additional functions include:

- Centre-focus user interface (the highlighted item on each list is always in the centre of the screen)

- Calendar (monthly view with week number indication)

- Reminder (easy to use)

- Alarm clock (quick-set)

- Predictive text input (supports multiple languages)

- Contact import and export from PC/Mac via vCard

- Bluetooth connection

  • MP 01 handset
  • Quick Guide
  • USB charger – 51 x 51 x 50 mm (max dimensions, UK adapter)
  • micro USB cable – 80 x 70 x 8 mm
  • micro USB headphones – 100 x 40 x 10 mm
  • micro USB to 3.5 converter – 80 x 70 x 8 mm
  • SIM adapter – 15 x 12 x 1 mm
  • SIM tray opener pin – 35 x 8 x 1 mm

The MP 01 is a quad-band GSM (2G) phone; it does not function with the 3G network. It is necessary to consult your provider regarding GSM support on your network: the MP 01 will work wherever there is GSM. In some countries, such as Japan and South Korea, GSM service is unavailable, which means that the MP 01 cannot be used there. Please see here for more information:

GSM (2G) service by country:

  • Japan, North Korea and South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore: no service
  • Australia: no service 
  • USA: AT&T stopped at the end of 2016, Verizon plans to shut down its 2G CDMA 1X network by 31 December 2019. T-Mobile US has postponed shutdown of their 2G network until 2020. More info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_mobile_virtual_network_operators
  • Canada: only Roger supports GSM and have committed support until 2018.
  • Switzerland: Swisscom will cease 2G services due to its "public service requirements" only by 1 January 2021. Sunrise will cease 2G by the end of 2018.
  • Netherlands: T-Mobile Netherlands will shutdown 2G services by 2020.
  • New Zealand: 2degrees plans to shutdown its 2G network in March 2018.

The 2G network became the default global standard for mobile communications in 2014, holding over 90% of the market share and operating in more than 200 countries.

2G technology is voice-centric like the MP 01. 2G supports long-lasting battery life, which is a feature of the MP 01.

GSMA Intelligence report that 2G technology accounts for 58.5% of the world’s mobile connections. They expect 2G technology to maintain global market dominance until the beginning of 2019.

The MP 01 runs on its own bespoke software which has been specially adapted from an embedded mobile operating system called MediaTek.

The MP 01 is made in China.

A complete charge from fully-drained takes up to two hours when using the dedicated charger.

No, the MP 01 battery cannot be changed. The MP 01 has a battery charging-cycle life that should exceed the product warranty.

The MP 01 has a nominal battery life of 290 minutes talk time and 500 hours standby. Please note that the battery life varies due to the conditions of usage, especially the GSM signal strength.

The MP 01 also can be charged with standard USB chargers or USB ports on your computer. Charging time may vary according to the charger’s power output.

The MP 01 is a unique communication device, designed by Jasper Morrison. It is produced in quantities that are far lower than mass-market devices, whose prices are heavily affected by economies of scale.

It is made with long-lasting materials, including an exclusive high specification camera paint finish and damage-resistant Gorilla Glass. It has outstanding audio quality with noise cancellation and a powerful loudspeaker. The MP 01 also comes with bespoke ringtones. The user interface of the MP 01 has been developed exclusively by Punkt. from scratch.

No, the size of the font cannot be changed

You can transfer your old number by simply moving your SIM from your old phone to your MP 01. From the menu, you can copy all contacts in the SIM. The MP 01 works with a micro-SIM; a nano-SIM can be used with the supplied adaptor.

The predictive text of the MP 01 supports Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Please check our website for the list of shops that carry the MP 01. The MP 01 can be bought from our e-shop if you cannot find a store near you. 

The MP 01 is covered by a 2 years product warranty. Please read clauses 6 and 7 in our general terms and conditions for returns and customer rights.

You can use the MP 01 Import Tool as a support to import contacts onto the MP 01. This tool cleans the .vcf file from unneeded info such as pictures, lowering its size and making it compatible with the MP01 memory available.

The first step is to export the contacts from your computer, in a vCard format.

If you are using a Mac, your options to export contacts in a .vcf file are:

Mac Contacts application

  1. Open Contacts (from the Launchpad).
  2. Select the contact (or all contacts) to export.
  3. Choose from the menu [File] -> [Export] -> [Export vCard], give the file a name and save it on your desktop.


  1. Sign in to your Gmail account and open Contacts.
  2. Select the contacts to export (or all contacts) go to [More] -> [Export], choose the export format “vCard format”, then click [Export].
  3. Give the file a name and save it on your desktop.


  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Go to [Edit] then [Select All].
  3. Create a new folder on your desktop.
  4. Drag and drop your contacts from Outlook to the folder you have just created on your desktop.
  5. The contacts should have been saved as a “.vcf” files.
  6. Go to your Launchpad and open Contacts.
  7. Choose [File] -> [Import] and select your saved contact files in your desktop folder and click [Open]. You can also select all the contact files from the desktop folder and drag-and-drop to Contacts.
  8. Choose the contact to export (or all contacts).
  9. From the menu, choose [File] -> [Export] -> [Export vCard], give the file a name and save it on your desktop.

Outlook via browser

  1. Go in the [People] section, you should find it clicking on the top left corner on the "squares" button.
  2. Click on [Manage] and then [Export for Outlook.com and other services]. You should be able to save your contacts on a file ".csv".
  3. Open Contacts (from the Launchpad).
  4. Click on [File] then [Import...] and select the contacts .csv file you have just saved.
  5. All your contacts now should be imported in Contacts.
  6. Select the contact (or all contacts) to export.
  7. Choose from the menu [File] -> [Export] -> [Export vCard], give the file a name and save it on your desktop.

If you are using a PC, your options to export contacts in a .vcf file are:


  1. Sign in your Gmail account and open Contacts.
  2. Select the contact to export (or all contacts) and go to [More] -> [Export] choose the export format “vCard format”, then click [Export].
  3. Give your file a name and save it on your desktop.


  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Click New e-mail.
  3. Go to [Attach item] -> [Business cards] → [Other Business cards…]
  4. Select one by one the contacts you would like to import to your MP 01 (Note: Outlook does not allow an export of all contacts in a single file).
  5. Create a new folder on your desktop.
  6. Drag-and-drop your contacts from the Outlook email attachment to the folder you created on your desktop.
  7. The contacts should have been saved as a “.vcf” files.


Now open the MP 01 Import Tool in Google Chrome.

Upload the vCard that has just been exported, make any adjustments required within the MP 01 Import Tool, and download the final, modified vCard file, saving it on your desktop.

Connect the MP 01 to your computer via USB cable and copy the modified vCard onto it.

Disconnect the MP 01 and go to Contacts -> Manage Contacts -> Restore Contacts 

Select the vCard file that you have just transferred. Your contacts will now be automatically saved on the MP 01.

Adjust the volume while you are making/receiving a call, using the “ + - ” button on the right-hand side of the phone.

Note: when a call is NOT being made, the volume control in the HOME screen is for ringtone volume; when a call IS being made, it controls voice volume for both speakers: normal calls and hands-free.

With MP 01, search for a network by using MENU->Settings->Connectivity->Network, then selecting Manual. The MP01 will start to look for an available signal in the area.

It is also possible that 2G signal in the area is very weak. You can check the 2G signal availability here http://opensignal.com. Alternatively, try with another phone: disable 3G/4G if necessary, and see if the signal is strong enough.

If the SIM tray or internal contact is defective, the phone will normally show NO SIM CARD.

If NO SERVICE is shown, this means that there is no signal.

It depends on your operator. Some offer a second SIM (usually for a monthly fee), others don’t. Every country has different operators, each with their own policy: please check with the operators in your area.

It is possible to turn on call-forwarding on your smartphone and take calls on the same number, even when the smartphone is switched off.

Because the phone is sold unlocked, the MP 01 will work with a local SIM in any country when you are travelling abroad. (Japan and Korean excluded, as they do not have GSM.)

If you activate the passcode request function, the MP 01 will ask you to enter a 4 digit passcode when it is switched on. Please consult the Quick Guide for the default passcode. By default, this request is set to ‘Off’.

If your SIM has PIN code set, the phone will ask you to enter the PIN.

There is an additional option to hide notifications when the phone is on keypad lock.

The MP 01’s calendar function is only for showing dates, week numbers, etc. It does not have an agenda function, so there’s nothing to synchronize with another system.

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