The product serial number is on the back of the product or the sticker label on the product packaging's exterior sleeve. 

Wipe the AC02 clean with a slightly damp or antistatic cloth. Never use aggressive detergents, solvents or products containing abrasives.  
If liquids get inside the product:

  • Remove the back cover immediately.
  • Open the three battery compartments and remove the batteries.
  • Remove any excess liquid with a cloth.
  • Leave the AC02 face up in a warm and dry place for at least 72 hours (do not put it in a microwave, an oven, or any other electrical appliance).
  • Do not reinsert batteries until the clock is completely dry.

Products may be damaged if internal components are exposed to liquids. The warranty does not cover liquid damage

The AC02 uses IEC LR44 batteries. Ensure that the battery plus sign is facing upwards.

  • Press the button on the rear of the clock beneath the down arrow to open and remove the back cover.
  • Open the battery compartments using a coin to turn the cap, lift out the old batteries and remove them.
  • Replace with new IEC LR44 batteries and close.
  • Make sure that the battery pull tabs have been removed.
  • Ensure that the battery plus sign is facing upwards.
  • Ensure battery compartment covers are closed properly.
  • Check if the AC02 is ticking.
  • Replace all the batteries.
  • Use battery type: IEC LR44.

Please contact Punkt.'s customer care here if you still need help.

Turn the alarm knob on the back side counter-clockwise until the desired time is
shown by the alarm hand on the front side.

The key differences between the AC02 (launched in 2022) and AC01 (2011):

  • 2 mm higher, 1 mm deeper
  • 20 g heavier, with lower centre of gravity
  • anodised finish as standard (rather than paint)
  • optional contrasting alarm time indicator colours
  • entirely new movement
  • controls on the back simplified
  • LED illumination fades out gradually
  • batteries all combined within a single compartment
  • production switched to Japan
  • reduced packaging

The indicator (only) is not luminescent. The clock face and hands are luminescent.

5 Mins. If the snooze function is activated while the alarm is ringing, the alarm will stop and then recommence for another five minutes. Every time you activate snooze the alarm then rings again for five minutes. You can activate snooze 11 times. So, if you set the alarm at 07.00 and press snooze every time it rings. You can keep going until 07.55 with the same alarm setting.

The AC02 is manufactured, and hand assembled, in Ibaraki, Japan.