The product serial number is on the back of the product's base or the sticker label on the product packaging's exterior sleeve. 

Wipe the ES01 clean with a damp cloth or an antistatic cloth. Never use aggressive detergents, solvents or products containing abrasives. Avoid using a dry cloth as it may generate static electricity. 

If liquid gets inside the product:

● Immediately unplug the ES01 from the wall socket.
● Remove the lid.
● Unplug all devices from the ES01.
● Turn the ES01 upside down to remove as much liquid as possible (try gently shaking out any excess liquid).
● Remove all excess liquid with a soft cloth.
● Leave the ES01 face down in a warm and dry place for at least 72 hours (do not blow dry, put in a microwave, an oven, or any other electrical device).
● Before using the ES01 again, ensure the fuse button on the base is reset.

Products may be damaged if internal components are exposed to liquids. The warranty does not cover liquid damage.

The ES01 charges up to five devices at once. The maximum load of the ES01 is 2300 W for Types E, F, F/L, G and J. 
Please note: Type B has a maximum load of 1800 W. Please check if the wattage of the devices you are charging is compatible.

A soft white light illuminates the rubber power switch on top of the ES01 when it is switched on.

First, please ensure the power cord is correctly plugged into a working wall socket. Check to see if the fuse reset button has popped out on the base. If so, remove all devices and press the fuse button to reset.
Note: in the event of a power overload, the resettable fuse immediately cuts the circuit, automatically protecting your appliances. Remove all devices and press the fuse reset button on the base. 
Please contact Punkt. Customer Care team here you experience further problems.

● iPhone.
● iPad, with a right-angle cable.
● Mac Book, use with Apple AC cord (adapter block outside the ES 01).
Other AC Adapters vary in size. Please check product dimensions here.

Did you find the answer to your questions? If you still need help, please contact Punkt.'s Customer Care team here.

The fuse reset button is at the bottom of the ES01.