1. If you have identified a potential security vulnerability in any Punkt Mobile product or software, please report it via email to security@punkt.ch,  including the detailed technical information.
  2. We will respond within 48 hours confirmation that we received your report, and share updates of the progress by email.
  3. Once the required detailed information has been received, dedicated security analysts will  work on the issue and you will be kept informed and contacted if necessary. * Note: Actual vulnerability response time may vary depending on the risk level and complexity of the vulnerability.
  4. After the analysis is complete, the security team will decide the severity  and start working with the respective development teams to provide a solution.
  5. Required Detailed Information:
  • Your organisation and contact information
  • Products and firmware version of affected products
  • Proof of Concept (Description of potential vulnerability as detailed as possible  including video, image, APK, sample code, etc.)
  • Steps to reproduce the issue
  • Information about known exploits
  • Expected correct behaviour or workaround
  • Severity: None (or Very Low) Low, Medium, High, Critical
  • Responsible Disclosure: If you intend to disclose the found vulnerability, we would like to ask you to give us sufficient time to resolve to minimise the risk for our customers, products and services.
  • Note additional information may be requested if necessary

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