“That it is simple and beautiful goes without saying” New York Times T Magazine

1 main unit + 2 additional units

Let your voice do the talking.

DP01HP Home Pack

“I consider the voice a to be powerful instrument in human communication. Face-to-face conversation is best, but giving someone a call comes a close second.
The combination of top-quality components and the landline connection means that the DP01 delivers an unchallenged quality of sound, as well as freeing you from battery and signal worries. It’s got some neat features, and its looks are very special.”

Petter Neby signature

Petter Neby, founder of Punkt.

DP01 Cordless Phone

Designed to do a job

It’s not an ‘Omni device’, it’s a telephone. Real, physical buttons. Mains-operated. Complete immunity to software glitches, no distracting ‘functionalities’. And DP01 Cordless Phone's is the right shape and size for making phone calls.

DP01 Cordless Phone

Pristine sound-quality

The high-specification front/rear speakers and internal componentry, together with the inherent advantages of a landline connection compared to the vagaries of a mobile phone signal, all combine to provide exceptional audio clarity. The best way to keep in touch.

DP01 Cordless Phone

Six phones, one socket

Up to six DP01 phones can be linked together, with one DP01 functioning as the master unit, without additional phone extension sockets.

DP01 Cordless Phone

Integrated answering machine

DECT-standard phone with integrated answering machine in a very compact design. The visual display lets you scroll through your messages with ease.

DP01 Cordless Phone

In good shape

When the DP01 Cordless Phone is not in use it sits face up in its cradle, so incoming calls can be viewed at a glance and outgoing calls can be dialled without picking it up. And its physical form is designed to allow it to sit stably on a desk without wobbling around: much more convenient for hands-free operation.
Top rated cordless phones
DP 01 colors
Jasper Morrison

“I thought about my old telephone, lying face down on its cradle, and asked myself if it wouldn't be better the other way round? That way, you could see the screen and dial the number without picking it up.”

Design by Jasper Morrison

Need multiple phones in different rooms?

Up to six DP01 phones can be linked together, with one DP01 functioning as the master unit. Multiple handsets can also be used as an intercom system for efficient communication within a building. Package deals are available.

High-quality audio
High-quality audio

Premium components – speaker, microphone and internal electronics – ensure that the audio quality is crystal clear. Add in the dependable connection that a landline brings, and the difference can be profound.

Scrollable voicemail
Scrollable voicemail

Messages listed visually by date and time, so you can pick out messages that are high-priority without having to listen to the whole recorded time sequence. Very useful when you’ve been away for a while.

Hands-free, easy
Hands-free, easy

The underside of the handset is designed to sit stably when placed on a desk or table.

Two mounting options
Two mounting options

The DP01 can be mounted horizontally on a flat surface, or vertically on a wall.

100 contacts
100 contacts

Enter up to 100 contacts, each with capacity for three numbers. Be sure to add all your international numbers: international calls to/from a landline are often significantly cheaper than mobiles.

10 bespoke ringtones
10 bespoke ringtones

Created by Scanner, a London-based composer and sound artist, the range of non-intrusive and particularly crisp tones characterise the DP01 as a phone that discreetly integrates itself within any type of environment.

UC 01
DP 01 black Black
DP 01 red Red
DP 01 white White
DP 01 red
(with batteries) 145 g
(without batteries) 125 g

175 g (including cables)

DECT standard. DECT (‘Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications’) is a flexible digital radio access standard for cordless communications that makes use of several advanced digital radio techniques to achieve efficient use of the radio spectrum. It delivers high speech quality and security with low risk of radio interference and low-power technology.

Up to six DP01 or DP01S units may be linked together, operating via one landline connection.

Caller ID supported. Needs CLI service (Calling Line Identification) to be enabled on your phone-line by your telephone operator.

Intercom function.

Call history 2

Answering machine 2

Visual answering machine with message registration sorted by date and time.

Total storage capacity for recorded voice messages: 15 minutes (max. 1 minute for each message).

Contact list 2
Up to 100 contacts with 3 numbers for each entry
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish and Norwegian
1.6ʺ (horizontal) backlit, 128 X 64 pixels; black text on white background
Maximum transmission range 3
40 m indoors, 200 m outdoors
DECT-GAP Compliance

The DP01 is designed for analogue telephony, however it is also possible to connect it to a PSTN (analogue) port from an ISDN line.

It is possible to connect up to 5 Punkt. additional units to the Punkt. base unit (Punkt. handsets or other manufacturers' handsets if compliant with the DECT-GAP standard).

Each Punkt. handset can be connected to up to 4 different DECT-GAP base units.

If another manufacturer's products are used, only the ability to make and receive phone calls is guaranteed according to the DECT-GAP standard. Proprietary features (for example voicemail/voicemail system or CLI caller ID) may not be available if other manufacturers' products are used with Punkt. products.

Power and battery
2x AAA Ni-MH (650-700mAh rechargeable, replaceable)
Charging via base
Talk time: up to 10 hours, depending on usage
Standby time: up to 100 hours, depending on usage
Environmental operating constraints
Optimal working temperature: 15° to 35° C
Extreme working temperature: 0° to 40° C
Relative humidity: 5% to 75%
Region-specific versions
EU: most of Europe, including Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Portugal
NL: Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherland
US: United States
UK: Ireland, United Kingdom
Power radiation levels
Compliant with DECT standards
EU/NL/UK versions: 250mW at peak
US version: 100mW at peak
In the box
2 x Ni-MH AAA rechargeable batteries
Combined power and phone-signal cable with splitter box
Mains adapter with cable
RJ11 phone-signal cable
User manual
Manufactured in China

1 The DP01S works with 100% functionality (e.g. voicemail service) only if paired with a DP01 main unit.

2 Data is stored in DP01 main unit base.

3 Transmission range can vary according to the position of the base, construction materials used in the area, electromagnetic pollution, interference with other radio devices, etc. DECT performance levels are given as a reference only and are not guaranteed.

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