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AC01 Alarm Clock

“Find it difficult to wake up in time? What you need is a reliable alarm clock.” South China Morning Post. 2018

Tired? Sleep.

An elegant addition to your bedroom.

Punkt. alarm clock AC01

“We all know that getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important, but it’s becoming ever easier to let it slip down our list of priorities.
In our over-teched world we too often allow technology to disturb us even during our sleeping hours.
The more tech we take into the bedroom, the less we end up switching off: I wanted to make an alarm clock that does a single job well, and does it in style.”

Petter Neby signature

Petter Neby, founder of Punkt.

AC01 Alarm Clock

Time to switch off

Getting a good night’s sleep is described as ‘the new luxury’; as a single-use device, the AC01 Alarm clock will leave you alone all night long. You won’t end up checking it before you go to sleep, and it won’t disturb you in the morning. (Until you want it to.)

AC01 Alarm Clock

A modern design classic

Start the day in style.

AC01 Alarm Clock

The delight is in the detail

Intelligent design-touches include having the entire back of the alarm clock functions as a switch to control both the light and the snooze function.

AC01 Alarm Clock

Solid elegance

Clean, minimalist design and top-quality components, mounted within an outer housing of solid aluminum and faced with scratch-resistant glass. The Punkt. Reliable Alarm clock’s design is not only for your bedside but is also ideal for your desk or desktop.
Reliable Alarm Clock
Best bedside clock
Jasper Morrison

“The AC01 consists of a weighty block of aluminium that frames a clock-face designed for style and efficiency. It’s fitted with a glass front rather than plastic – which tends to scuff up over time.”

Design by Jasper Morrison


Easy-access snooze function: the whole of the back of the clock is a switch – good news, when you’re not yet ready to open your eyes.

Effective illumination
Effective illumination

Classic glow-in-the-dark hands and dial plus an LED light-ring, controlled by the same easy-to-find switch on the back. If you can find the clock, you can find the switch.

Smart alarm control
Smart alarm control

The alarm on-off switch is controlled by a knurl on a rotating ring at the back: elegant and convenient.

Split power-sources
Split power-sources

Separate batteries for the clock/alarm and the light-ring help ensure that the AC01 doesn’t let you down.

AC 01
AC 01 black Black
AC 01 white White
AC 01 red Red
AC 01 anodised Anodised
AC 01 black
200 g
Snooze function
Alarm signal repeated every 5 minutes for a total of 40 minutes
LumiBrite high-brightness, environmentally-friendly luminous coating on clock-face and hands
White LED ring-light
Clock/alarm: 1 x IEC LR44 batteries
Light-ring: 2 x IEC LR44 batteries
Battery life: ~1 year
Time accuracy
±20 sec./month (at +5° C – +35° C)
Alarm accuracy
±5 min.
Alarm volume
70 dB at 10 cm
Operating temperature
Min -10° C, Max 50° C
In the box
AC01 Alarm Clock
3 batteries
User guide (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)
Manufactured in China
Limited stock available.
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    AC 01
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