Punkt. give yourself a tech break

Give yourself a tech break, and be more intentional.

Technology is a wonderful thing, and it has allowed us to continue through the past year pretty coherently. But it has also highlighted how important having a healthy balance of tech in our lives is too. After a year living via screens more intensely than ever, what is it we are noticing…

Perhaps it’s the 38% of us reporting eyesight problems and the accompanying headaches and migraines from pandemic induced screen time? (1)

Is it the increasing amount of global greenhouse emissions being generated by smartphone use that already accounts for the same as the airline industry? (2)

The Punkt. Global Pause Study - Methods of reducing carbon footprint.

Maybe constant doom scrolling the news is having a detrimental effect on our mental health? It could be that having the hordes of so called ‘influencers’ touting their pandemic holiday lifestyles pop up on our smartphones, while the rest of us try and keep our collective heads down for the greater good is really starting to grate?

Or maybe the changes to some big tech terms and conditions is forcing us to think again about our digital privacy and security?

There has never been a better time to balance out our tech lives. So why not abandon unreasonable and unlikely resolutions – and see through some better, healthier intentions instead. 

The Punkt. Global Pause Study - Humans and Technology during the pandemic.

We previously wrote about our global study revealing how tech use impacts our ability to achieve goals, and now as we take our intrepid steps into 2021, still enduring some tough times, but with a new optimism for the year ahead – taking some learnings from the past year and introducing some digital minimalism into our lives may just help us to be better equipped to actually achieve our personal intentions, and create a healthier lifestyle altogether. 

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