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Punkt. global study - lockdown

Global study reveals that how we use personal technology during lockdown impacts our ability to accomplish goals.

As many of us find ourselves back in further Lockdowns ahead of the optimistic outlook for 2021, our personal tech can be a deciding factor in whether we achieve our goals and intentions. 

Those books we wanted to read, that quality time with those we live with, sharpening our cooking skills and getting our fingers greener… many of us went into the spring lockdown with some positive intentions. 

And of course, we would think that not having a constant tech distraction would help with following through on those intentions, but we thought we would find out…

So back in early summer, we embarked upon an international survey, commissioned by Punkt. and carried out by an independent research group. 

And sure enough, amongst a steady stream of suggestions in the media about how to spend time well during a lockdown, and all the talk of a positive behaviour change, many people’s intentions were absolutely to increase their values, social interaction and activities during the first lockdown, and beyond.

However… (we’re not surprised), many of the people our research group spoke with were indeed impeded in doing so through the unintentional use and distraction of their personal tech.

We’ll be getting deeper into the full study in the months to come, but for now, there is a clear headline to share:

Of 935 participants in the survey carried out in the US and Europe*, 76% of respondents said they intended to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic with a positive behavioural change.

The Covid Awakening Score yields a significant 3% increase in the probability of wanting to
maintain new attitudes developed during the pandemic.

The Covid Awakening Score yields a significant 4% increase in the probability of wanting to
maintain new behaviours developed during the pandemic.

From this number, however, only just over half (55%) of smartphone users managed to see through the intentions they had set. The people who were not able to make the positive behavioural shift that they had hoped for reported spending more time instead on social media, on-line shopping, watching TV, and gaming during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, for survey respondents who were fielded from the Punkt. community, a higher number (70%) reported increased positive behaviours during the pandemic.

Punkt. study MBO technology vs lockdown

Respondents are quick to say they’re doing more of something, but are less forthcoming in saying that they are doing less of something. Responses to Covid differ greatly between panelists and community members: a far greater share of panelists increase junk tech activities than community members.
“It keeps me sane, helps remind me of what’s important to me.”

Survey participant, Mary, UK

So while it’s undoubtedly true that the advances of technology have helped tremendously in our efforts to keep working, and stay connected during these times, it is also clear that striking the right balance with our personal tech is more important than ever for achieving our goals.

The recent Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma, talks about the unintended use and consequences of social media, making it clear that the stronger our sense of intention with technology, the more in control of our desires or ambitions we are as a result.

Of course, the Punkt. MP 02 is designed with the intention for distraction-free communication so we can focus on what matters, whether that be for an occasional or permanent break from the smartphone. 

So as many of us are back in lockdown again, and regularly exposed to ideas and ways of how to thrive while indoors - introducing some digital minimalism into our lives may help us to focus, and be better equipped to achieve those personal intentions that we set as we head into a brighter looking 2021.

*About the Punkt. Study

Punkt. global study: technology and lockdown

The Global Pause study was conducted by independent research group MBO in August-September 2020, looking at the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the digital minimalist market. 

The study centred around people in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany + 120 survey participants from the rest of the world, and their changing attitudes and behaviours with tech, broken down into different groups:

  1. A quantitative survey of 935 people with Qualtrics panel (634), and Punkt. community respondents (301);
  2. Qualitative research with 14 virtual in-home interviewees and accompanying photo diaries;
  3. Expert interviews with digital minimalist and privacy experts.


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