Technology is great. You just need to trust the technology, right?

Technology is great. You just need to trust the technology, right?

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As the topic of AI being integrated into smartphones heats up, a spotlight has been shone on the repercussions of privacy. We’ve brought you some of the recent chat in the news, and in response, a special MC02 offer.

The latest report from research organisation, Canalys, states that privacy and security risks may stem from apprehension about the potential collection, storage, and utilisation of personal data by AI algorithms. Over half of its 5000 respondents said they were ‘concerned with AI access to their personal data,’ the report reads.

The Guardian asks the question, ‘Does what happens on your iPhone still stay on your iPhone?’ and whether it is ‘time to give up on smartphones all together?

As you probably saw, even Elon Musk in his response to OpenAI on Apple devices said it could become an ‘unacceptable security violation’.

And with its acknowledgment to the news of AI becoming embedded into smartphones, Sky News asks ‘if we should be worried about our privacy?’

It quotes the head of cyber security at McAfee: ‘Technology is great. You need to trust the technology, right?’ (Well, we’d agree with that!) She continues: ‘AI is just a tool that bad actors will use to create scams or collect data that you're not prepared to share.

Sky News continues to tell us that it's not just scammers who want our information. Although advertisers have long wanted to know who we are and what we're doing, the things we share can now also be used to train artificial intelligence. And then it provides a list of simple steps to protect your data and privacy, including ‘reading the terms and conditions’. Haha… if only it were that simple

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