Punkt MP02 Japanese design museum 2023 Jasper Morrison minimalist design

21_21 Design Sight Exhibition 'The Original'

The MP02 mobile phone showcased at 'The Original' exhibition in Tokyo at the Miyake Issey Foundation. 

Event Details


Punkt. is pleased to announce that the MP02 mobile phone is being showcased at the 21_21 Design Sight Exhibition in Tokyo.

The MP02, designed by Jasper Morrison for Punkt., will be among some 150 products on display, selected by Takahiro Tsuchida, Naoto Fukasawa and Kaoru Tashiro. The illustrious curators selected the designs for their profound influence on daily life. The exhibition's title, 'The Original,' was given to define these products and secure their long-lasting impact over time. 

'The Original' exhibition is held at 21_21 Design Sight in Tokyo at the Miyake Issey Foundation. It is an opportunity to see work produced by designers making a positive, lasting difference in our daily lives. 

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