Life is too short to keep our heads down

Technology has dramatically changed over the last century, from being a helpful tool in our lives to keeping us as hooked in as much as it can and for the longest period of time. This Challenge changes that in its entirety, pushing us into realizing what is going on. I’ve always loved using the newest things, but since Punkt. has been around, I wanted to change that, and with the Digital Detox Challenge, that’s exactly what happened. When you go from a constantly buzzing smartphone to a phone like this, you realize how much you can sacrifice all these applications that keep you hooked all day long: you don’t need them.

In a way, you do become kind of separated socially from your friends – let’s say if they “Snapchat” you or whatnot – but you start to realize that it’s for the better, and the Punkt. MP01 accomplishes just that. It teaches you simplicity and teaches you that you don’t need everything on your phone. Just the essentials.

If you feel like you are hooked on your phone, like most people I have met, it could be a good time to give this phone a try. Many of my own family members experience this feeling and I feel like passing this challenge on to others so they can get the hang of it. This Challenge has become so important in 2018 because – as I said – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. are here to keep us hooked in for the longest time. Don’t believe me? Download QualityTime for your Android and you will realize that you don’t even pay attention to what’s going on around you. If you feel an itch, it might be a good time to get that checked out, and a good way to go about it is with the Punkt. MP01.

Samuel G

Montreal, Canada

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