Low Tech Life: A Guide to Mindful Digital Minimalism

Everything you need to know about becoming a digital minimalist.


In our hyperconnected 21st century, where screens often dominate our lives, Jose Briones' 'Low Tech Life: A Guide to Mindful Digital Minimalism' emerges as a beacon of hope. This insightful guide invites you to reassess your relationship with technology and offers practical steps to declutter your digital life.

Briones expertly weaves together personal anecdotes, research insights, and actionable strategies, equipping readers with the tools needed to navigate the digital landscape mindfully. He challenges the notion of "more is better," advocating instead for a 'less but better' approach to technology use.

'Low Tech Life' leads you through a transformative journey, starting with an honest assessment of your digital habits. It then helps you to identify what's essential, what's nice to have, and what's merely a time-waster. Briones encourages you to quit digital platforms that don't serve your well-being and happiness, offering practical advice on how to implement digital 'time zones' in your daily life for a more balanced, productive lifestyle. 

The book highlights the importance of seeking support from like-minded individuals and organizations on this journey, emphasizing the power of community in overcoming digital overwhelm. Furthermore, it nudges you towards diversifying your gadget portfolio, thereby reducing your reliance on multipurpose devices.

Lastly, 'Low Tech Life' underscores the significance of regular reassessment and adjustment of your digital habits. It promotes an iterative approach to digital minimalism, encouraging readers to embrace trial and error as they work backwards from their desired lifestyle to set achievable digital usage goals.

Whether you're feeling the strain of constant connectivity or seeking strategies to manage your screen time better, 'Low Tech Life' will guide you towards a more mindful, fulfilling relationship with technology. This book is not just about cutting back—it's about building a digital lifestyle that aligns with your values, bolsters your productivity, and boosts your well-being.
Start your journey towards a low tech life today. Unplug, declutter, and discover the joys of mindful digital minimalism with Jose Briones' 'Low Tech Life.'

Independently published (May 22, 2023)

Low Tech Life is available on Amazon here. 

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