What works for you?

Since the first iPhone came out I have lived in 9 different places on three continents. During this time I have always had a smartphone. Last week, I went back in time and tried using a mobile phone that only allows voice calls and SMS - no data, no internet, no 24/7 global connectivity.

I got a hold of the MP01 mobile phone through a contest ran by Punkt., a Swiss electronics company that’s inspiring a new relationship towards technology.

Ditch the smartphone for at least 48hrs, reflect and share the experience with others.

I journaled throughout the experience -  72hrs without my smartphone and 48hrs off social media.

Trying to formulate a reflection that could be personalized by each of you is proving difficult.

What I have realized is that we all have a different relationship with these devices. For some, it’s a critical part of their job or an essential tool to maintain a relationship at distance. For others, it’s a great source of entertainment. We have all heard the negatives on how too much use of these devices can negatively influence everything from our attention span to body image.

I am not here to judge others use or reiterate those claims from media.

What I can share though, is that by going through this experience I have been able to determine what works for me. I was able to reflect on a number of things - how relationships are maintained, the importance of local in a globalized world and where to place my energy for greatest fulfilment.

Going without something that has become ubiquitous in society gave me the time and space to reconnect with what is important for me.

I am now using both phones in tandem and differently than I did before. I have realized it's not about being a luddite but instead finding a balance.

I am happy to share in more detail my experience with this process. Feel free to reach out over digital, or even better, let’s discuss in person over coffee.
Jamie Black
Twitter: @Black_Jamie
What Works for you? By Jamie Black on Medium.

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