Offline as the new luxury

I think off-line is the new luxury. We are living always connected and that’s a great thing – technology evolves at an unprecedented pace. Sometimes though, we need to go back to basics and take long breaths.

Here is a brief account of my experience with the Punkt. Digital Detox Challenge which I spent in the Dolomites with my bike and MP01. On the first day I climbed the Passo Daone, an historical climb belonging to the Giro d’Italia 2015; on the second day I climbed from Pinzolo to Madonna di Campiglio, another classic Italian climb.

I believe there are lots of things in common between bikes and phones: in cycling, carbon is widely considered the best material, with 90% of hardcore sports cyclists, or more, owning a carbon bike. However, a niche material exists: titanium, which is the best to manufacture tailored bikes. I feel it’s like that with the MP01: the design is fantastic, the quality of calls is excellent and it gives you the opportunity to reconnect with the world. I think after this experience, I will do a digital detox from time to time – long weekends, or just a couple of days to think long-term.           

All in all, I this was a great experience and I am happy to own this phone, which I consider a new status symbol.

Alberto Zilio

Twitter: @AlbertoZilio
Instagram: @Albertozilio

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