Making More Room for Thought

As one of the first smartphone users years ago, I feel disappointed about the direction we are heading. Smartphones have taken over our lives, instead of actually improving them.

I started my digital detox on a Friday and took some time-off for my family. My iPhone got locked away and I also deactivated wifi from all our devices at home. I decided no internet at all would be the purest experience.

What I love on the MP01 is the minimalistic approach. Anything is clearly reduced to the minimum. Purely functional without any unnecessary extras. You are going to set up the phone once and then you only take it if it’s really needed. There are no notifications popping up while you are working, eating dinner with friends or spending time with your family.

The end result after 72 hours without a “smartphone”: I didn’t use any social media, and strangely didn’t miss out on anything important to my life. I made more phone calls. I was more focused on projects and in general it felt like I had more time. Another thing I noticed is that I didn’t take my phone out of my pocket every 5 minutes for instant entertainment, but instead was forced to interact with the surrounding environment.

Now, after using the MP01 mobile phone for +2 weeks it’s still running on its first charge, and in the end I have decided to ditch my iPhone for the MP01.

Jan Weidemüller

(P.S. I also sent a couple of suggestions to Punkt. on what I would improve about the MP01).

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