Life’s Too Short To Spend it Online

A few days before starting the Challenge, my wife Alex and I deactivated our personal Facebook accounts, leaving only our company Oiffy and latest project pages (White King Film, Ricky Rouse Hasa Gun). It's amazing how quickly our mindless staring into people's lives, the sharing of the world's horrors and of silly cat memes became a distant, redundant memory.

The 48h Digital Detox wasn't just easy, it felt natural and necessary. So much so that it should be prescribed by doctors, perhaps even enforced by law on weekends and after working hours. My wife and I celebrated my 38th birthday and our 10 years together in the spa hotel where we got married. It was great to truly be together, to read a whole book uninterrupted and to be present for life's many pleasures, big and small. Suddenly, the world no longer felt binary (like/unlike, friend/unfriend...), but full of infinite possibilities, opinions and impressions.

The MP01 fits seamlessly, invisibly into that world. Throughout the detox, I was unaware of my phone and shouldn't that be the whole point? Life's too short to be ruled by devices and corporate networks. I look forward to making the MP01 a permanent fixture and a silent reminder of what's important.

Jörg Tittel

Twitter: @newjorg


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