It is liberating, no question

The MP01 is a conversation starter like no other

My initial thought when I took the phone out for the first time was that people would adopt an attitude of “Why are you going back in time with a dumbphone?”. However, I have been proved wrong on many levels. When people see the MP01 they are all very curious: “What is that…?”, “Is that your phone…?”, “Where is your iPhone…?”, etc. I explain the principle behind it and why I am using it. The initial comments I got back all seemed to centre on the design of the phone and how they think it is a cool idea. People always ask to look/hold/feel the MP01 and are very positive about the device – the design seems to be a real winner. This is when I let them know about the power of the battery, which always goes down well. So far no-one has ridiculed me for not having my smartphone or for intentionally cutting myself off from the web and work. If anything it has developed a positive response, and dare I say envy among my social group. Many have asked me to send them a link to the Punkt. website  – which I have done when I returned to my Mac, of course ;-) .

Phone? What phone?

On a personal level two major things I have noticed are: the size/weight of the phone and the effect of consciously knowing you cannot connect to the web. The physical side took control first, meaning I hardly notice the MP01 in my pocket. There is no question that the phone is beautifully designed, and having become accustomed to larger phones it was great going back to something small and genuinely ‘pocket-sized’. The second part was the mental side; knowing you couldn't get online or check the inbox even if you wanted to. I have low willpower when it comes to my smart phone. Even if I am trying to enjoy a dinner, lunch, night out I tend to go for the phone at relatively regular intervals. They say you look at your phone about 150 times a day, or spend 3hrs of time on it. This isn't healthy, so having no choice means you soon forget to try. Being connected becomes irrelevant and as such means that…

…Moments matter

The number one benefit of the MP01 is being in the moment. When you disconnect from wanting to be connected you truly appreciate your days and nights more. It is liberating, no question. You listen more, you notice more, you pay attention more. But most of all other people, friends, loved ones and family know you are in the moment with them. It is a great feeling.

No daily charge

Connected to that last point, in so much that it helps you to forget about your phone, is the power of the battery. Not needing to think about charging your phone every 5/6 hours is incredible. It made me think of this image (below OR above OR left OR right) and FOBO (fear of being offline)…

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