Digital Detox: pros and cons

I digitally-detoxed for a week while on vacation with my family. The MP01 phone was just the right tool for cutting free from the torrent of distraction and frenetic trivialities of social media, work to-do’s, and far-away news. It was a week of spending time where I was bodily with those I love most.

My phone faded into the background, where it’s supposed to be. It snuck into my pocket without notice, it didn’t need charging all week, and it didn’t need to be handled delicately. It allowed me to receive calls and basic texts with content suitable for texting, like, “Get more tequila”.

I did have a moment of regret at missing some big group MMS messages with friends and some hilarious GIF’s from my wife, but aren’t those an inconsequential price to pay in exchange for a little more serenity and peace of mind in an already too-hectic life?

Without my iPhone, I really did miss having Google Maps, a great camera, a timer, and a flashlight in my pocket. Adding a standalone GPS to my vehicles, a watch to my wrist, and a point-and-shoot camera to my pocket to replace these functions isn’t a good option… that’s more complexity and paraphernalia to worry about, not less.

So in the end, I think I’ll use my MP01 part-time using call forwarding – as much as I can. For business flights and long car trips, I’ll have my iPhone. For bike rides and date nights and Sunday strolling, I’ll have my MP01.

Warm regards,

Vernon Baker

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