Comfortably disconnected

So – I was selected to undertake a 48hr “digital detox” by Punkt., with only the delectably slight MP01 handset to keep me company. I’d admired the handset for a while; I’m an unashamed product design snob and, as a design lecturer, I like to share products I love with my students. I’d be the first to admit that they really struggled to understand what I’d see in a phone that did nothing but make calls and send or receive SMS texts.

They didn’t see the appeal because they’ve never known what it was to spend time with loved ones without the glow of a rectangle to comfort them. Textured plastics, well-chosen typography (Roboto was a superb choice) and a simple UI weren’t enough for them. For me, it was a short-term release. My wife and I have fought long and hard to have a child, and at Christmas this year, our daughter will finally arrive. The pressure is on to maximise our freedom before the new phase begins!

We escaped our rural heartland town and drove to Wellington, a place we both love, for a weekend of nothing but each other and great food. I sent some messages to my parents in Scotland, and after a short withdrawal period from the lure of the iPhone, I felt comfortably disconnected. I felt more still, and less prone to fidgeting. The long battery life, compact form and lovely ringtones made the MP01 a great weekend companion. My wife was delighted at my refreshed presence, and I felt less overwhelmed. I’ve spent a few weekends with the MP01 now, and each time I miss the pocket internet less. I’ve started using it on my long bike rides too, and the lack of distractions is welcome there too. Thanks, Punkt. I loved it.

Dave Cochrane

Twitter: @davecochrane

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