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Punkt. Challenges

Punkt. is a dynamic, independent company, and we have always maintained a close connection with our customers. As well as contact made in person and via social media, we have over the last year begun running Punkt. Challenges. The initial focus is on digital detox events to encourage debate about how people interact with technology, but watch this space for other projects…

Digital Detox Winter 2017

Ten years ago, smartphones were still very unusual. Now, a life lived outside the framework of the smartphone is very unusual. Ten years ago most people had mobile phones, but they would generally only attract our attention if another human being had decided to call us or send us a text. Now that most people’s lives are so much more automated, the new normal is to scurry around within a ceaseless onslaught of status updates, push notifications and a lot more.

But taking a break for a few days wouldn’t be a big deal, would it? Or maybe it would: in Summer 2016 and Winter 2017 we organised our Digital Detox Challenges, and the Page results made interesting reading…

Education: Student Challenges

Close collaboration with the educational sector is central to what Punkt. is about. It’s partly a case of the company pulling its weight in terms of helping ensure that the industry continues to benefit from a steady flow of new graduates who are well equipped for working in the real world of design. But it goes both ways: Punkt. also benefits from close contact with idealistic young designers, full of ideas and inspiration.

This year’s project, is centred around a developing a product that uses motorised assistance to make cycling a more attractive option in the urban environment. The brief: create a personal transportation product that innovates in both style and function, specific to the needs and opportunities found in the cities where the students are based.

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