We create consumer electronics that combine beautiful design with a simplicity that helps make modern life easier. We love technology, but believe that everyday existence is becoming overloaded by all the functions, notifications, options and updates that come with having state-of-the-art devices attached to us around the clock.

Technology can bring great things, but like any good relationship, there should be healthy boundaries. The tendency to add ‘more and more’ to tech products has placed an increasing burden on us. As we spend more time looking down at a screen we are missing the opportunity to look up, look around and engage with life.

All too often, the only alternative to hyper-technology is old technology that looks and feels cheap –still characterised by feature-bloat, albeit the feature-bloat of a few years ago. But we believe there is a growing interest in modern, simple products that look and feel beautiful.

Punkt. exists to fill this gap, producing premium products that are a joy to use, with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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