Data privacy and security worries are on the rise, while trust is down, say the clever people at Deloitte, the largest professional services network in the world.

In a recent survey* at the back end of last year, they found that Sixty-seven percent of smartphone users worry about data security and privacy on their phones. While this would confirm their conclusion that consumers are concerned about privacy and security, there was a ‘but’… that right now they feel it’s an uphill battle.

Well step forward the new MC02! We’re proud of our new device and how it is helping to alleviate a clear issue, but rather than us telling you more about why, we thought we’d let some others do that for us.

After two of the world’s preeminent consumer tech shows; January’s CES in Las Vegas, and February’s MWC in Barcelona, the industry has spoken…

Best software at CES 2024’ say the smart folks at Wired. One of ‘the products, prototypes, and ideas that most distinctly signalled the future at this year’s consumer tech showcase. One of the 25 best gadgets from CES 2024 that you can buy right now - This smartphone packs our favorite software coming out of CES 2024.

CNET’s trusted round up of all things tech, named the MC02 one of the 31 cutting-edge products from CES 2024 that you could buy right now.

Industry gatekeepers, Android Authority, awarded the MC02 Best of MWC 2024. Recognising ‘the fight for consumer choice’. 

You can go your own way’ says the insightful T3 magazine. Highlighting the MC02’s focus on ‘empowering users, not leveraging them, so they control how they live their mobile lives on their terms and without conceding personal data for corporate gain." It goes on to give 5 reasons the Punkt. MC02 is awesome.

Tech movement barometers, Digital Trends, declare, ‘Is Apostrophy OS the third mobile operating system we’ve been waiting for in the Android vs. iOS world?

The tech afficionados at Crackberry have highlighted 5 things to like about this privacy-centric operating system, going on to say, ‘As I'm spending time with Apostrophy and seeing how the level of security could be beneficial for people who really might have a strong need to keep sensitive information super confidential, like a lawyer, financial planner, journalist, etc., I'm also discovering more ways that everyday users (if there's such a thing) could find benefits with Apostrophy-powered devices for productivity, simplicity, or just straight up avoiding the digital grid.

The dependable tech information and advice website, Lifewire, talks about how The Punkt. phone is part of a new trend to move away from the typical app-based model for phones and replace them with something that is at once more focused and more private.

So, it’s good news for those smartphone users who are looking to level-out the uphill battle, with some new choice in the market and an alternative mobile path now available. Maybe you’re part of the 67% (and growing)?

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* Deloitte US insights: Telecommunications/connectivity mobile trends survey 2023

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