Punkt. in Davos, 2024: The post-post-privacy debate was on the rise. (Are you keeping up?!)

Punkt. in Davos, 2024: The post-post-privacy debate was on the rise. (Are you keeping up?!)

There are many opinions regarding the World Economic Forum, or WEF if you’re a local… or just Davos to most. But under this year’s overarching theme of ‘trust’, the topic of where we currently are with our tech lives certainly seemed welcome from many.

At Punkt. we are proponents of the advances of technology and the benefits it brings us, but we are also advocates for a healthy tech relationship, and of choice.

And thus, with us in attendance this year, it was so encouraging to see, hear and experience many talks, topics and conversations relating to the necessity to take stock of the current tech model that most of us are in the grip of. Topics such as the importance of personal data privacy have not been prominent, or perhaps even present in Davos over the past few years at least. Yet high-profile panels and experts from different sectors and walks of life have last week been presenting headline thoughts and commentary about why it is vital that we have freedom of choice, how we must have the ability to retain our personal data sovereignty, and how alternatives to the data monetisation and surveillance economics models are essential to the fabric of democratic society.

"The Internet is Broken. These Tech Leaders Have Ideas to Fix it." Talk at CNBC/Filecoin, with Frank McCourt (Project Liberty), Meredith Whittaker (Signal), Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia), Andy Yen (Proton).

As the internet, and mobile tech matures, more and more of us are awakening to ask the question; If our data is worth billions to a small handful of companies, what is it worth to ourselves. Demanding how we should decide how our own data is used, not decided only by corporations for huge financial and power gains. The legitimisation of the overbearing commercial surveillance model, and the societal impact it has is being increasingly challenged.

After all, the right to personal privacy is written into most, if not all, democratic constitutions for a reason, alongside other rights that we enjoy. And the response of ‘But I’ve nothing to hide, so I don’t care’ is becoming increasingly understood as missing the point. Maintaining digital privacy does not equal keeping dark secrets, and certainly does not defend nefariousness.

At Punkt. we believe in not taking away the things that we either enjoy, or that make our lives more enriched through tech, but rather in embracing those things in a better way. A way that promotes more intentional use, and puts you in control of your tech, rather than you being the product. And a way that provides CHOICE, so you are free to manage your own data sovereignty.

There is more to the World Economic Forum in Davos than the ring of security of the world’s political and business elite, the high priced hotdogs and the suits & snow-boots… there are thought leaders from across the globe, from many different fields and backgrounds. And amongst all of the aforementioned, if the post-post-privacy world is prominent in discussion, perhaps this bears well for a more equitable and positive change to be coming. And we’ll subscribe to that.

Fortunately, we have solutions to this growing outcry being heard from many quarters right now - the Punkt. MC02 being one of them.

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