Punkt. / Time To Log Off competition: digital detox books and MP 01s to be won

Time To Log Off is a UK-based group that works to inform and inspire people looking to adjust their relationship with technology. Founder Tanya Goodin has just published a book, Off. Your Digital Detox, outlining the benefits of limiting your screen time and offering practical suggestions for dealing with gadget addiction. Tanya is an award-winning digital entrepreneur and digital detox specialist, and she has written an article for Punkt. outlining Time To Log Off’s message which you can find here; you can read a review of Off. Your Digital Detox here.

To celebrate the book’s launch, we’ve teamed up with Time To Log Off to create a competition with five signed copies to be won – each with an MP 01 mobile phone in brown or white to help get you started! Plus Punkt. e-shop 10% discount vouchers for the runners-up.


How to enter

  • Simply send an email to info@punkt.ch with “Go Off Grid with Off. Your Digital Detox for a Better Life and an MP 01” in the subject-line, containing a 140-character statement describing one reason why you need a digital detox.
  • If you use social media (it’s likely that you do, if you’re entering this competition!) please also list accounts your happy to share.
  • You’re welcome to remain anonymous: if so, please provide a nickname.
  • Send in a picture or two as well, if possible.

Punkt. and Time To Log Off will choose the five statements we feel to be the most interesting/inspiring/amazing on 6 September, and announce the winners on the Punkt. and Time To Log Off websites, by email, and via social media.


Terms and conditions

  • Deadline for entries: midday (Swiss time) on 6 September 2017.
  • By entering, participants agree to their name (or nickname if specified), digital detox statements, listed social media accounts and supplied imagery being publicised by Punkt. and Time To Log Off.
  • By supplying images, participants warrant that they either own the copyright or have permission from the copyright-holder for the images to be used.
  • Email addresses will not be publicised, and will not be shared with third parties or used for any purpose other than this competition. The same applies to participants’ real names, if specified when entering.
  • Runners-up discount vouchers are valid for one month from the date that the winners are announced.
  • The judges’ decision is final.

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