Punkt. MP02: a phone for focused living

Pigeon v1.2.0802: Contact Discovery Bug

There is a bug in the recent Pigeon release v.1.2.0802 which doesn’t show registered Signal users when writing a message. We are working on an intermediated release to fix this issue prior to the forthcoming launch of Pigeon 2.0.

In the meantime, if you ask a registered contact (via SMS, or other) tostart the conversation with you, their contact shows up. Please ensure thatall contacts are first saved in the MP02 contact book.

Pigeon intermediate release v1.2.0802

Important notice: Pigeon v1.2.0802 is an intermediate release with minor fixes and comes shortly before the upcoming Pigeon 2.0, which will add to the feature set and improvements. A fix added in this release is the Pigeon app crash. Existing Pigeon users should upgrade to v1.2.0802 before May 2 2023 to continue using the Signal end-to-end encrypted calls and messaging service on the MP02.


  • Crash: the bug causing the Pigeon application to crash unexpectedly has been fixed. Please ensure a PIN is enabled and contacts are saved in the MP02 contact book.

Known issues:

  • Group conversations: It is not possible to create groups or join groups via invitation links.
  • Group conversations: It is not possible to initiate or join a group calling conversation.
  • Set-up: it is not possible to select image tiles with the Punkt. key on the CAPTCHA test. It is necessary to use the numerical key '5' instead.
  • Set-up: If the 'Registration Lock' feature is enabled on your Signal account with the same number on a smartphone device, it isn't possible to complete the set-up of Pigeon on the MP02 without disabling the' registration lock' on the other device first.
  • Set-up: The 'Call-me-instead' option for receiving the Signal verification code currently leads to a black screen.
  • Voice messages: it is not currently possible to adjust the volume while listening to a voice message.
  • Conversations: Tagging functions are not enabled on Pigeon while typing messages.

We are working towards new features and major improvements with the forthcoming Pigeon v2.0 release.

For instructions on how to install and use Pigeon, please refer to the MP02 Pigeon User Manual.

Punkt. MP02: a phone for focused living

SW Version APHY v1.2 (v03.02.0360)

MP02 new generation (released 11/21)

MP02 software update notice.

If you own an MP02 and are on SW version APHY v1.0 (v03.01.0324), please update your software to at least APHY v1.1 (v3.01.346) before January 23, 2023, to receive future updates. From 23.01.2023, if your phone runs on APHY v1.0, you will only be able to receive future updates if you send your MP02 to Punkt. (in-situ updates may include a service fee).

New Features

  • Language: The MP02 now supports Hebrew as system UI and input language.
  • End-User Licence Agreement (EULA): It is now mandatory to accept the Punkt. EULA on the handset (follow instructions on the screen) before downloading and installing the latest software, APHY 1.2 (v03.02.0360).
  • Voicemail: If you do not receive text messages from your service provider when you receive voicemail, you will receive a notification on your home screen if you have unheard voicemail message(s).
  • Bluetooth 4.2 certified profiles:
    • A2DP Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
    • AVRCP Audio/Video Control Transport Protocol
    • DID Device Identification Profile
    • DUN Dial-up Networking Profile
    • GAVDP Generic Audio/Video Distribution Profile
    • HFP Hands-Free Profile
    • HID Human Interface Device Profile
    • HSP Headset Profile
    • IOP Interoperability Test Specification
    • MAP Message Access Profile
    • OPP Object Push Profile
    • PAN Personal Area Network Profile
    • PBAP Phone Book Access Profile

Fixed Issues

  • UI languages: a significant number of previously untranslated words have been identified and translated in several languages.
  • UI: the Wi-Fi confirmation screen now displays correctly when the phone connects to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Contacts: the bug that changed numbers labelled as ‘work’ to ‘office’ has now been fixed.
  • Contacts: adding a number to an existing contact saved on the phone – and not SIM only - is now possible.
  • Contacts: all contact information is included in the text message to the recipient when sharing a contact via SMS.
  • Bluetooth: long device names are now truncated properly on the MP02 to enable pairing via Bluetooth.
  • Language: Arabic is working as an input language again.


Known issues

  • Voicemail: there is a bug that displays multiple 1s on the Home screen when accessing voicemail via the shortcut (numerical key 1); if this occurs, go to Menu>settings>voicemail. If your voicemail number is displayed correctly, press the Punkt. key and save the number. If no number is displayed, insert your voicemail number manually and press the Punkt. key to save. Return to access voicemail by long-pressing numerical key 1 when your voicemail number has been saved.