Punkt. - MP02 software release: SW version 2.0

Known issues in Pigeon v1.0.0777

  • Displaying images: when selecting received images in a message thread, the screen becomes darker.
  • Forwarding a video or document file: this sometimes causes the MP02 to return to the Home screen.
  • Exiting Pigeon: this may occasionally cause the system to freeze for a limited period.
  • Accessing a new message from a notification: the message is highlighted but its font size may not be enlarged.
  • Notifications: these may sometimes be produced with a slight delay, especially if the MP02 is locked.
  • Incoming calls: these may occasionally not be received, especially if the MP02 is locked.
  • Groups: it is not yet possible to appoint a group member as an additional
  • Notifications options screen: this currently has a scrolling issue.
  • Calls: an echo is heard in some circumstances.
  • Message thread: moving through a message thread will sometimes cause the highlighting to jump too
  • Confirmation messages: some of these still appear in English, despite the MP02 being set to a different language.


MP02 Release note v2.0

MP02 Release note v2.0

We are pleased to announce that the long-awaited SW version 2.0 is now available for download. We apologize for on-going delays. This version includes a large number of significant fixes which improve the functioning of the MP02 considerably and leaves only a few issues unfixed.
We recommend all MP02 owners to update to SW version 2.0 as we are expecting to launch an impressive new feature in 2021, which will require software version 2.0 for installation.


General fixes and added features since SW v1.7

  • New ringtones and message sounds have been added.
  • Significant improvements in UI look and feel across the device with the introduction of a new transition animation.
  • New UI on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth device search have been introduced to improve UX of the features.
  • The search function now examines the complete name looking for results, instead of only the beginning of the first name and last name.
  • Calling: the local time is now displayed correctly when the country code is added.
  • During a call the screen will also show if the network type is 3G or 4G and signal strength. If the Network is GSM (2G), the type of network does not appear.
  • During an HD or VoLTE call, the display will show 'On a HD call'.
  • Unlocking the MP02 while on a call no longer hides the incoming call screen.
  • Auto-lock: pressing the End key now halts the keypad auto-lock correctly.
  • Tethering, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth shortcuts now toggle between on and off.
  • Text scrolling in the shortcut menu is now functioning correctly, displaying the item in full.
  • Long-pressing Bluetooth or Tethering status from the status menu no longer switches them on/off on opening the Settings menu.
  • Alarms set for multiple days now scroll for complete readability.
  • Keypad no longer freezes when the phone is unlocked after being locked while entering the SIM PIN.
  • Messages: individual messages now show detailed dates and times.
  • After coming out of Silent mode, the phone now reverts to the previously set volume level.
  • "+" can now be entered in the voicemail feature.
  • The audio of the pigeon shutdown now sounds in full.
  • Country codes are now also displayed with incoming calls.
  • Alarm: pressing the Call key when the alarm is sounding now activates the snooze function correctly.
  • Long-pressing the Up key when on a call now sets the volume to 10.
  • Date and time: setting updates will now be displayed in the UI immediately.
  • Copying and moving contacts to/from the SIM card now functions correctly.


Text input

  • An updated version of the text input software package has been installed.
  • User dictionary has been reintroduced.
  • When long pressing either the UP or DOWN keys in a text input field, the cursor will rapidly scroll through the text instead of jumping immediately to the start or end.
  • Several pages of ideograms have been added.
  • Default mode in the Input method has been reviewed and improved in numerous use cases.
  • The apostrophe and quote marks have been corrected on the special characters input panel.
  • Bug entering a new line instead of displaying the contextual menu when pressing the Punkt. key is now fixed.



  • When searching for contacts, the original search term is now displayed until the search has been cleared.
  • The contact list now only shows contacts stored on the handset. SIM contacts are accessible in the SIM contacts menu.
  • When using the Call or Message keys to contact a recipient with multiple phone numbers, it is now possible to select the desired number.


FW update OTA

  • The user experience in the downloading and installation process of new firmware has improved with fix to the unresponsive screen. It is necessary to update to version 2.0 to benefit from this fix.


Partial fixes

  • Date and time: further improvements in date and time format inconsistencies
  • Call key: further UI improvements related to the Call key capabilities have been implemented.
  • Improvements on failed passcode entry: the phone now resets after 10 wrong passcode entry attempts on power up.


Known issues

  • AT&T: following reboot, the MP02 doesn't always connect to the cellular network, in the event that this issue occurs restart the device.
  • Email and Address fields in the contact feature do not scroll; open the item to view it in full.
  • When the most recent message is longer than two lines, the text input field is cropped when highlighted for the first time. Scroll down to view the full message.
  • While on two simultaneous calls, if the loudspeaker is turned on during the active call, the menu changes, and the option to switch calls disappears. It is possible to switch calls by pressing the Call key.
  • While sharing a contact via Bluetooth, the screen remains blank if there isn't a shareable device in the vicinity.
  • Auto-lock doesn't always respond to settings, making it necessary to reset the Auto-lock setting.

We are working towards fixing these issues with the next MP02 software update, SW version 2.1.


Spotted something else?
If you have experienced a problem with your MP02 that is not listed in this release note, please open a new support request in the support/technical assistance section on our website. Thank you for your assistance.



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