Punkt. - MP02 software release: SW version 1.7

MP02 software release: SW version 1.7


MP02 software release: SW version 1.7

The fourth update (v1.7) of the MP02’s firmware is now available.

Version 1.7 requires the MP02 to have already been updated to version 1.6 (EU.01.06.0069 for Version 1 phones (EU, GB, JP and AU) and US.01.06.0069 for Version 2 (USA/Can). If 1.6 is not yet installed, or if you are not sure, simply repeat the updating process until no new update is shown as being available.

All customers who have already installed software version 1.6 will receive an update notification on the handset which reads “New firmware is available. Update?”. Pressing the Punkt. key will cause the phone to install the update automatically.

The numbers of the firmware v1.7 to look for on the handset are EU.01.07.0078 for Version 1 phones (EU, GB, JP and AU) and US.01.07.0078 for Version 2 (USA/Can).


Bug fixes and feature adjustments:

  • Text messages: the bug showing an incorrect sender’s name on incoming message notifications has been solved.
  • Text messages: the MP02’s text alert volume level has been increased.
  • Text messages: the vibration alert feature in ‘On’ mode now operates when the phone is on silent.
  • Calling: it is now possible to view the names of all cellular network providers and signal strength while on a call.
  • Voicemail: problems occurring with the voicemail shortcut (long press “1” key from the Home screen) are now fixed.
  • SIM pin and Passcode entry are now functioning correctly.
  • Message alert: the bug that triggered random message alerts when the phone was switched on is now fixed.
  • Contacts: inputted contact details are now stored correctly in the contact directory
  • Language: several text string amendments in German, Italian, Swedish and Norwegian.
  • Date and time: it is now possible to manually adjust the time in automatic mode.
  • Ringtones: these can be sampled when the silent mode is on.
  • UI: minor tweaks in the positioning of AM and PM in several languages.
  • Customised message templates now can be sent when a) first receiving and b) during a call. 

Partial Fixes:

  • Improvements on failed passcode entry: there is now a countdown display of available attempts remaining, before automatic full reset of the phone. If the phone has already been used since it was last switched on (i.e. the keypad is now locked), 10 attempts are possible before reset occurs; if the phone has been newly switched on, 30 attempts are possible.
  • Date and Time: significant improvements in date and time format inconsistencies.
  • Call Key: some UI improvements related to the multiple functions of the Call key have been implemented.

Known issues:

  • Alarm: when an alarm is sounding, pressing the Call key ends the alarm instead of activating the snooze feature.
  • Calling: the local time in some countries is displayed incorrectly when the country code is added.
  • Auto-lock: pressing the End key does not halt the keypad auto-lock process.
  • Text messages: email addresses received within text message cannot be saved within the Contact directory.
  • Punkt key: after certain text input, pressing the Punkt. key enters a new line instead of displaying the contextual menu (similar the Enter key on a keyboard). For consistency, we will be removing this. In the meantime, the contextual menu can be displayed by pressing the Punkt key twice

We are working towards fixing these issues with the next MP02 software update.


Spotted something else?

If you have experienced a problem with your MP02 that is not listed in this release note, please open a new support request in the support/technical assistance section on our website. Thank you for your assistance.



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