Punkt. - MP02 software release: SW version v2.1.0091

MP02 release note v2.1.0091

General fixes and new features since v2.0

  • Text strings: some have been amended for clarity
  • New message templates: extra templates have been added
  • System languages: more text strings have been translated
  • Tethering: the tethering feature is no longer deactivated when its password is changed
  • Input languages: Portuguese is available again
  • Notes: previously-set Reminders for Notes can now be amended
  • Opening the main menu: animation has been added
  • Calculator: it is now possible to enter decimal fractions directly after operators (mathematical symbols)
  • Calendar: now displays correct week numbers for January when preceding month contains five week numbers
  • Contacts: email and address fields within a Contact’s entry will now scroll if required
  • Contacts: Contacts saved with Korean, Japanese or Chinese characters now display the surname before the forename
  • Bluetooth: visual feedback is provided while searching for other devices
  • APN settings: it is now possible to save and use ‘dun’ with all carriers
  • Pigeon: momentary freezing when using the End key to exit no longer occurs



  • Incoming calls: answering a new call while already on a call will now a) put the first call on hold and b) accept the new call
  • Putting a call on hold: doing this by pressing the Send key no longer requires confirmation
  • Hands-free speaker: selecting “Turn speaker on” while two calls are connected no longer causes an incorrect contextual menu to be displayed
  • Network connection: now correctly displayed while making or receiving a call



  • MMS images: these now show correct date stamps
  • Enclosed email addresses: it is now possible to extract an email address from a text message and then add it to a Contact’s entry
  • Incoming text messages: partial black screen when message exceeds two lines no longer occurs


Partial fixes:

  • Contacts backup: very rarely, the .vcf backup created will turn out to be an unusable 0kb file – for this reason, all backups should be checked immediately after creation; if this is issue has occurred, please contact Punkt.’s Customer Support team for a workaround
  • Home screen: returning from a notification may cause the Home screen to be displayed incorrectly – this can be resolved by locking and unlocking the phone
  • Call key: most bugs related to using the Call key other than for making calls have been fixed, but some remain
  • Contacts: calling and texting a contact for whom only one number is listed is now a one-step process, except when this is done from the search screen


Known issues:

  • SMS messaging: when creating a message in the usual way, if a recipient has multiple numbers then only the first number that was originally saved will be available for texting to. Circumvention: to send a text to the recipient’s other number(s), begin the process from the Contacts list. Additionally, consider deleting the contact’s entry completely and then creating a new entry for them; while entering their phone numbers, ensure that the first one to be entered is the number most likely to be texted to.
  • Reminders: a Note’s pop-up Reminder notification is currently only shown for 60 seconds (the Note itself remains until it is deleted by the user)
  • System languages: some text strings remain translated
  • Starting up: there is a delay of 5-10 seconds after entering a SIM PIN during start-up
  • Adjusting call volume via the Calls Options menu: this does not work correctly if the phone is connected to a Bluetooth device
  • General: when unlocking the keypad, the screen will sometimes be incorrectly illuminated. Locking and unlocking again will bring it back to normal.


Known issues in Pigeon v1.0.0777

  • Displaying images: when selecting received images in a message thread, the screen becomes darker.
  • Forwarding a video or document file: this sometimes causes the MP02 to return to the Home screen.
  • Exiting Pigeon: this may occasionally cause the system to freeze for a limited period.
  • Accessing a new message from a notification: the message is highlighted but its font size may not be enlarged.
  • Notifications: these may sometimes be produced with a slight delay, especially if the MP02 is locked.
  • Incoming calls: these may occasionally not be received, especially if the MP02 is locked.
  • Groups: it is not yet possible to appoint a group member as an additional
  • Notifications options screen: this currently has a scrolling issue.
  • Calls: an echo is heard in some circumstances.
  • Message thread: moving through a message thread will sometimes cause the highlighting to jump too
  • Confirmation messages: some of these still appear in English, despite the MP02 being set to a different language.



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