Prioritise your data and privacy: you can choose to pay for these benefits instead of having them compromised.

All personal data and information are secured, encrypted, hosted, and stored in Switzerland.

A significant portion of Apostrophy OS and the Apostrophy Services are developed on the foundations laid by the open source software community.

Apostrophy OS is based on GrapheneOS.

Punkt. MC02

1 year subscription includes

Apostrophy Services: 5GB of cloud storage for Email, messaging and calendar, Vanadium browser, Data & Carbon Ledger, Digital Nomad VPN, and GMS Wizard.

  • Can be synced with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices;
  • No credit card required until renewal.

*Renew for CHF14.99/mo.
The amount may vary in your local currency at the time of your renewal due to currency exchange rate fluctuations.

Punkt. MC02

Data & Carbon Ledger

Data Privacy:
This helps you to have insights and easy control of your app-specific data privacy, from a less private option with full app permissions allowed, to a more private setting where no app permissions are enabled.

Carbon Reduction:
Gain a clearer understanding of the apps and computing power taken up by your mobile device, and the corresponding carbon impact. Apostrophy OS includes Carbon Ledger, giving you insights and control of the energy output on your device.

Punkt. MC02

Digital Nomad VPN

Apostrophy OS delivers a simplified user experience, including Digital Nomad, Apostrophy’s secure and private VPN (Virtual Private Network) and dedicated DNS (Domain Name System).

Included 3 different locations you can connect from.

Punkt. MC02

GMS Wizard

Access your favorite apps through GMS Wizard, which offers access to the Google Play Store to download any available Android App to your Apostrophy OS powered device. Once the Play Store is installed, you are able to live in a completely private Apostrophy environment, or a sandboxed Google environment with the apps you wish to install. Meaning, your private data remains only between you, and the respective app - not accessed by any third parties.

frequently asked questions

Subscription-based Apostrophy empowers you to live your mobile life in a secure, private environment through Apostrophy OS. Signing up for a new account, or adding an existing account is easy, can be done on-device, and gives you access to all of Apostrophy’s secure services.

Apostrophy will remind you to connect to your account on the Apostrophy website and enter your payment details. You are not required to provide payment details beforehand.

You can cancel your subscription within 30 days from the initial start of your 1-year free subscription period. Simply log in to www.aphy.app, go to your account settings, and choose to cancel your subscription. Please note that when you sign up for an Apostrophy account with the Punkt. MC02, it is active for one full year for free.

If you cancel your Apostrophy subscription, the Apostrophy services available on your MC02 phone will no longer function, and any additional services introduced in the future will also be inaccessible.

If you already have an Apostrophy Services subscription, you’ll receive an additional complimentary 12 months added to your account. To activate this offer, please go to the Support section and submit an Apostrophy support ticket.

If you purchase multiple devices, each MC02 will come with its own 1-year free subscription. The owner of each device can activate their free subscription after creating an account and pairing it with their respective device.

A smarter choice

You're heading for a smarter choice.
Own a limited first release MC02.

Order now to secure yours.

Punkt. MC02
Pair a SIM plan with your MC02* and get the first month of your subscription for free.
Simple connectivity for the 21st century.
*The SIM plan cannot be purchased separately and only is available in the United States.

The secured mobile plan designed for Punkt. mobile

Connectivity tested for your device.



  • Unlimited data
  • Hotspot included
  • Unlimited Talk & Text in the US
  • 5G Nationwide Coverage


  • Unlimited data
  • Hotspot not included
  • Unlimited Talk & Text in the US
  • 5G Nationwide Coverage
10GB Plan


  • 10GB data
  • Hotspot included
  • Unlimited Talk & Text in the US
  • 5G Nationwide Coverag
4GB Plan


  • 4GB data
  • Hotspot included
  • Unlimited Talk & Text in the US
  • 5G Nationwide Coverage

All Our Plans Include

Keep your number or get a new one

easy and flexible options

5G & 4G LTE coverage

nationwide high-speed streaming and browsing

Flexible Plan Management

manage your plan online and in minutes

No activation or switching fees

no extra to switch or get started

How it works

Your wireless plan is just a few minutes away.


Step 1:

Pair your MC02 with a free Punkt. SIM card


Step 2:

Once received, scan the QR code on the flyer


Step 3:

Pick your preferred plan


Step 4:

Enter your details


Step 5:

Select your payment method and activate your plan

frequently asked questions

No need to worry! You always have the option to upgrade your plan or top up your data. You can manage your plan and top-ups online.

If you want to make absolutely sure you'll get full coverage at your address, you can use the TMO coverage checker.

We don't charge any activation or termination fees. Regular telecom taxes and fees are applied to your subscription. The exact amount is based on your location. You'll be able to see your subscription total before you check out, so there are no surprises.

You can use Apple Pay and Google Pay for safe and easy payments. We also accept all major credit and debit cards including:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • UnionPay

Of course, you can keep your existing phone number when you switch. We'll guide you through the steps in the checkout process.

Create your world of secure mobile services
Create your world of secure mobile services
Data PrivacyData Privacy
Digital SecurityDigital Security
Carbon & Data LedgerCarbon & Data Ledger
Digital nomad VPNDigital nomad VPN
Secure toolsSecure tools
Claim your free Punkt. SIM card
Claim your free Punkt. SIM card

With the MC02, receive a Free Punkt SIM The Punkt. SIM is designed for your Punkt. device.
Once received, scan the flyer QR code, pick and activate your secure plan.
You will get the first month for free.
The SIM plan cannot be purchases separately and is only available in the United States.

The Punkt plan activation details
The MC02 ships as an unlocked 5G phone, and like all phones, it does require an active and compatible SIM card to operate.
5G network access can differ depending on local availability and the support provided by regional carriers.
Limited stock available.
749.00 USD

Please select a delivery address in a different country.

MC02 with 2 year warranty
1 year free subscription to Apostrophy Services
Punkt. SIM
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Hassle-free 30 days returns policy
For more info see Terms and Conditions of sale.
Please read the Data Protection Policy.
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