"The ES01 is not only one of the best charging stations, but is also an attractive and robust design feature that will complement any interior." Curve

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Electricity doesn’t have to be ugly.

ES01HP Home pack

“I’ve always wondered why the messiness of electrical supply, all those cables and power adapters, is often so prominent despite being so unattractive. Both at home and at work, I think that well thought-out design can do a good job of sorting out the chaos, hence the ES01.”

Petter Neby signature

Petter Neby, founder of Punkt.

ES01 Extension Socket

Letting you take charge

The ES01’s Retractable Extension Cords cool elegance and tech-taming capacity mean that, unlike industrial power-strips with their jumble of plugs and cables, there’s no need to hide it away somewhere awkward. Put it where you want.

ES01 Extension Socket

There’ll be no squabbling

There’s plenty of space between the sockets, so larger mains adapters don’t take up more than their fair share.

ES01 Extension Socket

From the land of style

The ES01 Designer Extension Socket is manufactured in Italy, using top-quality components and materials.

ES01 Extension Socket

Our trademark attention to detail

Useful, well-considered details include a single, illuminated on/off switch and thermal cut-out protection. Five different versions of the extension power cords are available, to suit different regional requirements.
ES 01
ES 01 colors
Georges Monack

“Conventional power-strips, packed with different plugs and chargers and creating a jumble of cables, are ugly and as a result tend to be hidden behind desks and cupboards. I wanted to make crawling around or under furniture to untangle cables a thing of the past, and the design challenge was to find an attractive and accessible solution to this problem.”

Georges Moanack comes from Colombia and lives in Barcelona. He graduated from the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá in 2003 and in 2008 took a master’s degree in product design at the Royal College of Art, London.

Design by Georges Moanack

Intelligent design
Intelligent design

The close-fitting, locking dust-cover ensures that your home, office or studio doesn’t end up suffering from the Medusa-effect. A neat idea.

Elegance → Convenience
Elegance → Convenience

The stylishness of the ES01 means that it doesn’t need to be stashed out of sight. So you can have electricity right where you need it.

Five well-spaced sockets
Five well-spaced sockets

Plenty of room for plugs and AC adapters that would otherwise be covering two or three sockets. So no more crossed wires.

C-clip cable guide
C-clip cable guide

The versatile rubber C-clip allows you to group some or all of your cables so they go where you want them to.

Single power-switch
Single power-switch

The tactile switch lets you turn all your devices on and off together; a soft white light indicates the power status. Convenient and eco-friendly.

Overload protection
Overload protection

It’s easy to overload an extension cable. The integral thermal circuit breaker stops you asking too much of your mains supply.*

Fabric power-cord
Fabric power-cord

Three metres long, rather stylish and just a little bit different.

Made in Italy
Made in Italy

And built to last.

mp 01 disclaimer
Punkt.'s policy is to have its products manufactured in Europe wherever possible, reducing product-miles between our suppliers' factories and our warehouse facilities. This video shows the ES01 being made in the Italian town of Ceggia, situated in the country's northern industrial heartland.
*For anyone based in a country where all mains plugs have their own internal fuses, the overload protection feature can save a lot of screwdriver-time.
ES 01 black Black
ES 01 red Red
ES 01 white White
ES 01 black
Available versions:

Type E: CEE 7/7 plug, CEE 7/5 sockets
Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Monaco, Poland, Slovakia

Type F ‘Schuko’: CEE 7/7 plug, CEE 7/4 sockets
Andorra, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey

Type F/L: CEE 7/7 plug, CEE 7/4 – L 10 A sockets
Italy, San Marino, Vatican

Type J: SEV 1011 plug, SEV 1011 sockets
Lichtenstein, Switzerland

Type G: BS 1363 plug, BS 1363 sockets
United Kingdom, Commonwealth and associated countries

external – 106 mm x 208 mm
internal – 63 mm (vertical) x 76.5 mm (horizontal distance outwards from central column)
930 g
Cable length
3 m
5 sockets
2300 W, 230 V, 50 Hz
Top-mounted on/off switch
Thermal circuit-breaker (10 A) with reset control
Manufactured in Italy
In the box
ES01 Extension Socket
Rubber C-clip
Quick installation guide
Limited stock available.
175.00 USD

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