AC02 Alarm Clock

Some analogue time.

An elegant addition to any room.

Punkt. alarm clock AC02

“The AC02’s low-key sophistication traces its design heritage back to the Bauhaus movement of 1920s Germany. It builds on the acclaimed Punkt. AC01, which was launched in 2011 and has been presented in design exhibitions around the world, including at the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Triennale Museum in Milan, and the Tate Modern in London.”

Petter Neby signature

Petter Neby, founder of Punkt.

AC02 Alarm Clock

Solid elegance

Clean, minimalist design and top-quality components, mounted within an outer housing of one-piece aluminum.

AC02 Alarm Clock

Intelligent design

Useful details include having the entire back of the alarm clock function as a switch to control both the light and the snooze feature.

AC02 Alarm Clock

A modern classic

Enhances any room, at home or at work.
Jasper Morrison

“Although built around a completely new mechanism, the AC02 remains true to the original design of Punkt.'s very first product. With subtle refinements to the aluminium body and a new deep black anodised finish, this updated model celebrates constancy.”

Design by Jasper Morrison

Gravitas + levitas
Gravitas + levitas

The weightiness of the AC02’s solid aluminium housing is perfectly counterbalanced by its light simplicity of design.

Anodised finish
Anodised finish

The process of anodising aluminium results in a coating that is extremely durable and very distinctive, both in terms of how it looks and how it feels.


Instead of covering the clock face with transparent plastic, which inevitably becomes scuffed over time, the AC02 is fitted with glass.

Convenient alarm activation
Convenient alarm activation

The alarm is switched on and off by rotating the knurled ring that surrounds the clock’s mechanism: easy to find, and easy to use. Turning the alarm on also causes a neat indicator dot to appear on the clock face.

Effective illumination
Effective illumination

Luminescent hour points, clock hands and alarm time indicator*, supplemented by an LED light ring that is exceptionally simple to turn on: just press the back of the clock. This same action is also used for triggering the Snooze feature.

Top quality mechanism
Top quality mechanism

The AC02 is made for Punkt. by one of Japan’s leading clock manufacturers.

Colour options
Colour options

The standard AC02 is monochrome black and white, optionally with the alarm time indicator in a contrasting colour.

Universal appeal
Universal appeal

Enhances any home or office environment, from the mediæval to the modern.

The analogue advantage
The analogue advantage

“19:13” vs. “a quarter past seven”: amid the digital onslaught, an analogue clock face helps keep time human.

*Coloured alarm time indicator hands are not luminescent.

Key changes since the AC01
  • anodised finish as standard, rather than paint
  • optional contrasting alarm time indicator colours
  • 2 mm higher, 1 mm deeper
  • 20 g heavier, with lower centre of gravity
  • entirely new Japanese Quartz movement
  • controls on the back simplified
  • LED illumination fades out
  • production switched to Japan
  • reduced packaging
AC02 Dimensions
Anodised Black
Time Indicator Colour:
Black, Light Blue
220 g (without batteries)
Snooze function
Alarm signal repeated every 5 minutes for a total of 55 (+/-30) minutes
Luminescent paint applied to clock hands, hour indicator points and alarm time indicator (the last does not apply to coloured versions)
White LED light ring (auto fade-out)
3x IEC LR44 batteries
Battery life: around 1 year (alarm 10 sec/day)
Timekeeping accuracy
±20 sec./month (at +5° C to +35° C)
Alarm time accuracy
±5 min
Alarm volume
70 dB at 9 cm from beeper
Operating temperature
-10° C to +50° C at < 85% humidity
Supplied at purchase
AC02 Alarm Clock
3 batteries (for test use, may not provide standard service life)
Instruction manual
Manufactured in Ibaraki, Japan
Limited stock available.
From 249.00 USD to 259.00 USD

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