MP02 disclaimer

The MP02 is a device which aims to protect privacy and personal information of the user and was designed accordingly, based on the principles of privacy by design and by default.

With the MP02 users can store, transmit and manage personal data; the functions of the device allow you to create a contact list with name, surname, and telephone numbers, messages, chats, electronic communications, log files, play and transfer multimedia content, access calendars and make notes with reminders.

Furthermore, the user can enable the GPS function which would allow location data to be transmitted in the event of an emergency call.
Note: this service may not be supported by your network provider.

Punkt. recognises the importance and necessity for users to store data safely and communicate securely. To this end:

For more detailed information relating to the processing of personal data, issued pursuant to Art. 13 GDPR, consult the full document at the following link: