MP02 mobile phone

Hey Punkt., any chance of a 4G phone?

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We could hardly say no

The MP01 runs on the GSM system, which is ideal for any phone that is actually a phone. But since its launch we have been bombarded with requests from people in countries that have lost this service, asking for a version that uses the data-based 4G LTE system. So here it is, the MP02.

And whilst we were at it...

The MP02 is a completely different phone, in terms of aesthetics, hardware and software. Like the MP01, it’s designed to be a servant and not a master, but it does include a number of extra features. For example, you can link a tablet or laptop to it for Internet access.

Punkt. and BlackBerry:
a new partnership

The MP02 is significantly more complex than the MP01, so we have teamed up with BlackBerry to keep it secure. BlackBerry adds enhanced security to the device at the point of manufacture, which means the MP02 is hardened and highly secure. With BlackBerry’s integrated software components, the MP02 will be built with security from the start so you can trust that your data will be safe.

A new kind of product

The MP02 is for people who know that a phone call is often the best way to connect: more efficient, more personal. But it also functions as an Internet hotspot, which means you can view websites and write emails with a sensibly-sized screen and keyboard. And as a choice, not a reflex.

MP02 mobile phone

The Punkt. MP01

The MP01 will remain a key element within the Punkt. product range. GSM (2G) is an excellent system for voice-based communication, and there are many countries where it remains an option for the long term. LTE technology is more expensive, and many customers will feel that it is unnecessary for them.

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