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RCA - Design Products MA programme

London features a large number of co-working spaces; this e-bike is designed as an extra service for these businesses to offer. Removing a saddle to prevent theft is normally a hassle; here it’s a handy way to bring the battery in for recharging. The integral navigation system helps non-Londoners find their way around.

Staci Tsai

Staci Tsai

Vegas-born and Hong Kong-raised, Staci Tsai is an American product designer with an interest in human experiences, art and contemporary culture. After graduating with a BFA from Parsons School of Design in New York, she continues to have an underlying fascination with design as a way of understanding our relationships with objects, each other and our planet.
Sylvain De Bellis

Sylvain De Bellis

Sylvain De Bellis, 26, graduated from ECAL in 2013. His previous work experience includes interning for Philippe Malouin and working for Multiple S.A. He is currently studying for an MA at the RCA, where his interest and research primarily focus on the exploration of materials and their manufacturing processes to discover their full potential.
Martin Ding

Martin Ding

Martin Ding is a product and vehicle designer, born and raised in China. He graduated with an industrial design degree from the China Academy of Art and has previously worked for Chery Automobile as an exterior designer. Martin is also passionate about footwear design, aiming to create a more sustainable footwear industry by exploring new materials and pushing the potential of those currently in use.
Andrea Mestre

Andrea Mestre

Andrea Mestre is a London-based product designer from Spain. Her projects never start with an empty page; fascination with a material, technique or colour always form the foundation for her work. Guided by intuition and a hands-on approach, she aims to create beautiful and purposeful products that enable meaningful experiences which nourish the soul.

Tim Rundle

Tim Rundle is a London-based industrial designer with experience across furniture, lighting, consumer products and transport. Prior to opening his own studio in 2015, he led the product design teams at Tom Dixon and at Conran & Partners. His context-driven approach is grounded in a deep, almost obsessive understanding of how products come to exist through the industrial manufacturing process.

James Lamb

James Lamb has a BSc in industrial design from Brunel University. He was one of the first design engineers at Dyson, starting with the company in 1992. He went on to consultancy work with Random Product Design before becoming a founding director of TheAlloy in 1999. Between 2006 and 2010 James jointly ran The Product Works, before setting up Lamb Industries in 2010.

Will Barker

Will Barker, Design Lead at IDEO, is a firm believer in the power of live prototyping and smart data-capture to cut through today’s complex design challenges. His passion lies in creating highly engaging products and brand experiences that fulfil the consumer's unmet needs and drive long-term behaviour change. Will’s work has won awards in the hospitality, aviation and consumer electronics sectors.
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