The Digital Detox Challenge, Summer 2016

Ten years ago, smartphones were still very unusual. Now, a life lived without the framework of a smartphone is very unusual, at least in the ‘developed’ world. Ten years ago most people had mobile phones, but they would generally only attract our attention if another human being had decided to call us or send a text. Now that our lives are so much more automated, the new normal is to scurry around within a ceaseless onslaught of status updates, push notifications and the like.
But taking a break for a couple of days wouldn’t be a big deal, would it? This summer, Punkt. will be running a Digital Detox Challenge. It’s simple – live without your smartphone for 48 hours – but it may not be easy. It’s certainly going to be illuminative...

Here’s how it works.

Punkt. will be issuing an MP 01 handset to a limited number of participants: a mixture of journalists and members of the public who have successfully applied. These will choose a 48hour period that suits them (perhaps while they’re on holiday), and when that time arrives, put their smartphone away. They will then document how things go, sharing their experiences with Punkt., both electronically and by writing some thoughts on a postcard (that’s a physical postcard, with a stamp on it) and sending it by real mail to Punkt.’s HQ in Switzerland.
Participants who successfully live without their smartphone for 48 hours will be allowed to keep their MP 01. Photo if poss, not live blog. Fancy taking part? Fill out the Digital Detox Challenge application form.

How to enter

Entries close at 5pm on August 8 2016
Fill in the application form below and submit your details to be selected. You will receive an email confirming your application.
Punkt. will review your application to see if you are eligible to take the challenge.
If you receive an email from Punkt. stating you have been accepted to take the Challenge then you agree to:

Ditch your smartphone for a Punkt. MP 01 for at least 48hrs. Punkt. will send you a telephone to the address you provided on the application form.
Acknowledge receipt of the MP 01 Mobile Phone by email to
Send Punkt. a postcard from your digital detox by real mail to Punkt. Tronics AG, Via Losanna 4, CH-6900 Lugano, Switzerland. (Punkt. will send you a pigeon postcard with the detox kit, you can use that postcard, or one of your choice)
Send us a text message to +41 76 803 5673 during your digital detox
Notify Punkt. when you commence the challenge (by email or by tagging Punkt on Instagram @Punktdesign or Twitter @Punkt)
Notify Punkt. when you finish the challenge by email to at or by tagging Punkt on Instagram @Punktdesign at Twitter @Punkt)
Notify Punkt. if you quit the challenge by email to at or by tagging Punkt on Instagram @Punktdesign at Twitter @Punkt
Please use Challenge hashtags: #punktchallenge #MP01challenge #technology_tamed #punktdesign #digitaldetox
Write a short text about your offline experience (max. 300 words) and send it to Punkt. by email to
If you take a camera on your detox please send us a picture upon your return