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Punkt. - MP02 software release: SW version v2.1.0091

Pigeon release note v1.2.0791


  • Calling: outgoing calls are now connecting properly.
  • Forwarding media: the issue related to forwarding images and videos with Pigeon has been fixed.
  • Set-up: the option of receiving a call with an activation code, instead of SMS only, is now working.
  • Group calls: it is now possible to join a video group call initiated by another group member.
  • Conversations: “Note to self” has been removed as an option from the group contact list and is only available for one-to-one conversations.

Known issues:

  • Set-up: it is not possible to select image tiles with the Punkt. key on the CAPTCHA test. It is necessary to use the numerical key ‘5’ instead.
  • Set-up: If the ‘Registration Lock’ feature is enabled on your Signal account with the same number on a smartphone device it isn’t possible to complete the set-up of Pigeon on the MP02 without disabling ‘registration lock’ on the other device first.
  • Voice messages: it is not currently possible to adjust the volume while listening to a voice message.
  • Conversations: Tagging functions are not enabled on Pigeon while typing messages.


We are working towards fixing these issues with the next Pigeon update.
For instructions on how to install and use Pigeon, please refer to the MP02 Pigeon User Manual





MP02 release note v2.1.0091

General fixes and new features since v2.0

  • Text strings: some have been amended for clarity
  • New message templates: extra templates have been added
  • System languages: more text strings have been translated
  • Tethering: the tethering feature is no longer deactivated when its password is changed
  • Input languages: Portuguese is available again
  • Notes: previously-set Reminders for Notes can now be amended
  • Opening the main menu: animation has been added
  • Calculator: it is now possible to enter decimal fractions directly after operators (mathematical symbols)
  • Calendar: now displays correct week numbers for January when preceding month contains five week numbers
  • Contacts: email and address fields within a Contact’s entry will now scroll if required
  • Contacts: Contacts saved with Korean, Japanese or Chinese characters now display the surname before the forename
  • Bluetooth: visual feedback is provided while searching for other devices
  • APN settings: it is now possible to save and use ‘dun’ with all carriers
  • Pigeon: momentary freezing when using the End key to exit no longer occurs



  • Incoming calls: answering a new call while already on a call will now a) put the first call on hold and b) accept the new call
  • Putting a call on hold: doing this by pressing the Send key no longer requires confirmation
  • Hands-free speaker: selecting “Turn speaker on” while two calls are connected no longer causes an incorrect contextual menu to be displayed
  • Network connection: now correctly displayed while making or receiving a call



  • MMS images: these now show correct date stamps
  • Enclosed email addresses: it is now possible to extract an email address from a text message and then add it to a Contact’s entry
  • Incoming text messages: partial black screen when message exceeds two lines no longer occurs


Partial fixes:

  • Contacts backup: very rarely, the .vcf backup created will turn out to be an unusable 0kb file – for this reason, all backups should be checked immediately after creation; if this is issue has occurred, please contact Punkt.’s Customer Support team for a workaround
  • Home screen: returning from a notification may cause the Home screen to be displayed incorrectly – this can be resolved by locking and unlocking the phone
  • Call key: most bugs related to using the Call key other than for making calls have been fixed, but some remain
  • Contacts: calling and texting a contact for whom only one number is listed is now a one-step process, except when this is done from the search screen


Known issues:

  • SMS messaging: when creating a message in the usual way, if a recipient has multiple numbers then only the first number that was originally saved will be available for texting to. Circumvention: to send a text to the recipient’s other number(s), begin the process from the Contacts list. Additionally, consider deleting the contact’s entry completely and then creating a new entry for them; while entering their phone numbers, ensure that the first one to be entered is the number most likely to be texted to.
  • Reminders: a Note’s pop-up Reminder notification is currently only shown for 60 seconds (the Note itself remains until it is deleted by the user)
  • System languages: some text strings remain translated
  • Starting up: there is a delay of 5-10 seconds after entering a SIM PIN during start-up
  • Adjusting call volume via the Calls Options menu: this does not work correctly if the phone is connected to a Bluetooth device
  • General: when unlocking the keypad, the screen will sometimes be incorrectly illuminated. Locking and unlocking again will bring it back to normal.



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