MP01 LCASEMP01 Leather Case

"Made specifically to fit the MP01's original shape" Global Design Collective

Finished? Put it away.

As distinctive as the phone that it protects.

LCASE MP01 Leather Case

“Owning an MP01 is already a big step away from being a slave to the ‘always on’ culture. Keeping your phone in an elegant, fitted leather case takes you one stage further.
You could say it’s a product for ‘power users’!”

Petter Neby signature

Petter Neby, founder of Punkt.

Made in Italy
This hand-crafted case is produced in the Marche region of Italy, on the country’s Adriatic coast. Created from top-quality black leather, it is specially made to fit the MP01’s distinctive shape.
MP 01 Leather Case
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NOT AVAILABLE in "United States"

Type C (EUR) is currently out of stock customers in continental Europe can purchase type G (UK) at a 10% discount by adding promo code
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