Punkt. and «ECAL x Punkt.» at HOMI Smart 2016, Milan, Italy

Address and opening times:

HOMI Smart

Padiglione 10, Fiera Milano

Strada del Sempione, 28

20017 Rho

16 – 19 September

9am – 6.30pm


Punkt. is pleased to participate at the first edition of HOMI Smart, an experimental initiative by HOMI Milano  focused on innovative design and digital technology.

To mark the occasion Punkt. presents two new colour options for the acclaimed MP 01 mobile phone alongside its full product line and showcases outstanding work by Swiss postgraduate design students: ecal x Punkt.


MP 01 new colour options

Following on from the success of the Jasper Morrison-designed MP 01 mobile phone with both reviewers and consumers, Punkt. now release white and brown. Still low-key, but both quite intriguing. The White option brings a certain aesthetic delicateness, which contrasts neatly with the phone's rugged build quality and straightforward design lines. And the MP 01 Brown is the low-key head-turner. [read more here


ECAL x Punkt.

Punkt. will also dedicate space to display the work of Product Design MA students from the ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne, Switzerland. The company worked closely with the staff and students of the Master Product Design programme, leading to the students creating prototypes that could potentially be developed into Punkt. products.

The final-year students product ideas are diverse and range from weather stations to wall printers, and torches to televisions. In Milan this September Punkt. showcases three of the resulting prototypes at HOMI Smart: DC 01 Digital Camera by Jérémy Faivre, IR 01 Internet Radio by Terkel Skou Steffensen and the TP 01 Tilting Projector by Jaehoon Jung.

DC 01 Digital Camera
Holidays and special events can sometimes feel like film sets, as we become more and more distracted by the process of transferring, sorting and uploading pictures. The DC 01 takes great photos, but what helps you keep the focus on the here and now is its high-capacity battery and extra-large memory – which mean that you don’t need to keep running back to your computer every day – and it is always ready to ‘point and shoot’

TP 01 Tilting Projector
If a projector is not mounted on a stand at exactly the right height, and aimed at a perfectly vertical surface, it is normally necessary to spend time adjusting the beam to suit. The TP 01 has a simpler solution: it tilts, job done.

IR 01 Internet Radio
The sheer range of internet radio stations can be overwhelming: finding out what’s playing normally means dealing with drop-down menus and browser shortcuts. The IR 01 is a dedicated unit that allows you to flick through different stations with ease.

It is possible to view the student profiles and projects in full here

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